I’ve had and carried a portable power bank for travel for years – I’m notorious for letting my phone battery get too low. I’d long had a this excellent portable power bank. I still love it because it charges quickly and fully charges my phone several times. It’s a terrific charger, as is this smaller version.

But it drove me nuts how I’d still need a cord to carry around, which would get caught on stuff, drag on the ground, get tangled, etc. So when I found this excellent mini portable charger that plugs directly into your phone without a cord, I was delighted. It’s from the same brand as my bigger chargers and is terrific – fast and works perfectly, with no cord needed. There’s also this 2-pack of mini chargers, and while I haven’t tested them personally, they have great reviews at a terrific price.

There’s also this one that charges Android and other USB-C devices; Dan has several and loves them.

These would make perfect stocking stuffers or an extra gift for a teen , friend, or partner. They’re so useful and I carried two of them in my bag with me at all times during our recent trip.

Go grab some to have on hand for a quick gift with a gift card or some flowers!