Mexico Movement Activities

Official Sport of Mexico

While the most popular sport in Mexico is fútbol (or soccer), the national sport is charrería. Charrería is a series of equestrian events, including livestock herding, that have been held for several hundred years. Check out a video of charrería events here!

Mexico Folk Dance

Mexican folk dance is known as baile folklórico. There are three genres of Mexican folk dance, each of which are made up of many dances: Danza for native ritual dances, Mestizo for festivals and holidays, and Baile Regionales for local communities.

You may be familiar with the Mexican Hat Dance, or Jarabe Tapatio, which is the national dance of Mexico.

Check out this Mexican dance called La Danza del Venado, which was created by the Yaqui Indians of Mexico to depict a deer hunt.

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Mexico Music and Games

Mexico Folk Songs

Mariachi is a folk music traditional to west-central Mexico.

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De Colores is a classic Mexican folk song for children.

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Try these DIY egg maracas or these bottle top castanets to play your own Mexican inspired music at home!

Play: Mexico Children’s Games

One of the most popular games for people of all ages in Mexico is La Lotería. La Lotería is a sort of Mexican bingo played with a board, a deck of illustrated cards, and some sort of board maker – often dried beans.

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La Lotería video via 12 news Phoenix

Another popular traditional games of Mexico is called Atrapa el Sombrero, or Stealing the Sombrero, where children try to grab the hats of other children without losing their own. Hand-clapping games are also popular among younger children, including this fun game called Pancho Villa.

Other common children’s games in Mexico that you may be familiar with include hide-and-seek, wheelbarrow races, and pin the tail on the burro!

Mexico National Anthem

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