These Cuba art activities are wonderful for getting to know Cuban leaders and creators, and learning from their gifts and style. Keep reading until the end for some fun crafts that center Cuban wildlife and culture!

Featured Cuban Artist: Manuel Mendive

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Nature in Cuba

Cuba is located between North and South America, which serves to increase its biodiversity as plant and animal species from both continents thrive in Cuba. For example, Cuba has 91 species of reptiles which makes it one of the most reptile diverse places in the world. Cuba also boasts many endemic species, including the bee hummingbird, the world’s smallest bird.

Nearly one quarter (22%) of Cuba’s land is protected, which is among the highest of nations in the world. There are 12 national parks in Cuba, including Alexander von Humboldt National Park, which contains over 900 plants species alone. Learn more about some of the incredible species that call Cuba home in this Nature series hosted by PBS.

Cuba Craft & Culture Activity for Kids

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