These are some of our very favorite activity books! We take them on trips, to church, in the car/airplane, or just for quiet or rainy days at home. They’re so fun and great for number recognition and spatial understanding.

There are some easier ones like unicorns, zoo animals, dinosaurs, and underwater animals. There are also holiday ones!

There are also some more advanced ones for kids ages 6+. My favorite is this iconic artworks one, but I also love this masterpieces one and this travel-themed one.

Basically, you cannot go wrong with a single one of them. We’ve gone through tons and love them all!

Current Sales

Currently, this one is on sale for under $6. And my favorite one is on sale for under $8.50!



Favorite Adult Sticker Books

I really love this one for myself (my kids 6+ love it, too), and also this one that doesn’t have numbers and just uses shapes.

Now that I’ve realized how much I love doing them myself (my kids and I listen to an audiobook and all do sticker books, it’s so delightful), I’m planning to purchase this one and this one next. I’ll let you know how I like them!