Blueberry Banana Chip Bread

(First things first…happy happy birthday to my witty, ambitious, kind, gorgeous sister!) Confession time…I’m not always a ginormous fan of banana bread.  I know!  Evil. They’re just usually too…banana-y?  I don’t know. Anyway, this basic version of this was the … Read More

Sweet Potato Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Until this weekend, I’d never before put chocolate chips in my pancakes. It was…life changing. I mean, HOW had I not put chocolate chips in my pancakes?  Maybe not the brightest crayon. These were delicious.  A little lighter than with … Read More

Whole Wheat Orange Walnut Muffins

It will probably shock you to hear that I’m not the biggest muffin fan in the world.  Usually they’re too sweet, too bready, too sticky, too…something.  Evidently I am pickier than I thought. But these MUFFINS.  Gracious.  A few weeks … Read More