We loved listening to Louise Erdrich’s The Birchbark House. It reminds me of the Little House books in that it centers around seasons and discusses home life. This one, however, follows an indigenous girl in her childhood. Such a beautiful read, and the audio is done so well. It’s perfect to introduce an indigenous perspective during Thanksgiving season, as well.

The Audible version is currently on sale for under $6, or for under $5 if you get the free Audible trial. (You could get it as one of your TWO free audiobooks with the Audible trial – which you can cancel immediately after signing up – but I recommend using those credits for a couple of more expensive audiobooks.)

The BEST way to do it, though, is by signing up for Audible Plus! Audible Plus is currently only $4.95/month for unlimited listening, and Birchbark House is included! Which means you can listen to it totally free (and anything else you want for less than $5). You can also try out Audible Plus for a month for free. I have no idea how long this deal will last, so grab it quickly if you’re interested!