My oldest two kiddos learned to read really easily. We practiced sounds and blending together, but before they entered kindergarten, their reading took off and they were reading fluently and independently. More than anything, they LOVED it!

My third kiddo, who is currently in kindergarten, has been reading for a little while but it’s always felt like I’ve needed to push him to do it. He was capable but never seemed to really enjoy it and never chose it over other activities.

Savvy Reading is live reading tutoring program that makes reading really fun. They meet in small groups (2-4 kids, or there are individual classes) 4 days per week, so it’s really consistent practice. I hesitated to sign up because I wondered if it was just for struggling readers (the reviews on how much it’s helped struggling readers are mind-blowing). But I decided to go for it in an effort to help him really enjoy it.

And guess what – within a week or two of starting, his reading exploded and he started choosing all kind of Magic Treehouse books. He begs to read at night and always takes a book in the car. It’s so delightful to see!

Right now, Savvy is $25 off for EVERY month, which means it’s less than $8 per class. If you have a struggling reader or if you just want to help your child LOVE to read, come do it with us!