Two of my kiddos learned to read really easily. We practiced sounds and blending together, but before they entered kindergarten, their reading took off and they were reading fluently and independently. More than anything, they LOVED it!

One of my kids, though, had mastered the mechanics of reading but I still felt like I needed to push them to do it. They were capable but never seemed to really enjoy it and never chose it over other activities. This was also my child who has ADHD, so using sustained mental energy for long periods in order to get really fluent with reading was challenging, but it was hard to do it without the fluency. It felt like the chicken and the egg.

Savvy Reading Online Reading Tutoring

Savvy Reading is live reading tutoring program that makes reading really fun. They meet in small groups (2-4 kids, or there are individual classes) 4 days per week, so it’s really consistent practice. I hesitated to sign up because I wondered if it was just for struggling readers (the reviews on how much it’s helped struggling readers are mind-blowing). But I decided to go for it in an effort to help my child really enjoy reading and become really fluent with it.

Lo and behold, within a week or two of starting, their reading exploded and they started choosing all kind of Magic Treehouse books. My child started begging to read at night and always took a book in the car. It’s was so delightful to see!

When We Decided to Stop

Since my child was already advanced with the mechanics and comprehension of reading, we only did it for a few months (at 2 grade levels up) before stopping, because it didn’t feel like it really fit our needs at that point anymore (and they had aged out of the levels that were offered at that time). But it was an amazing experience for the time that we needed it, and I’m confident it would be really helpful for other readers working on mechanics, fluency, and comprehension.

How it Worked With ADHD

One final note – since this particular child has ADHD and is also gifted, I was concerned with whether the program, especially since it’s an online format, would be a good fit. I needn’t have worried – it worked great for him. It was interactive and moved quickly so he stayed engaged throughout the 25 minute classes. There was also some physical (gross and fine motor) movement built in, which I think was helpful for him. And, of course, he loved seeing the different prize options!

Savvy Sale

Right now, Savvy is $25 off for EVERY month with the code FINISHSTRONG. If you have a struggling reader or if you just want to help your child LOVE to read, I highly recommend trying it. It’s also a wonderful supplement for summertime if you want to help your child stay up to speed with and enjoying reading!