Each year, our kids do a Secret Santa for Christmas. Each child chooses another child and picks out a gift. They work all year to earn money through our family economy system and get so excited to pick something their sibling will love.

Here’s what our kids gave each other this year!

  • Our 10 year old son gave our 3 year old son a darling personalized story photobook. He wrote the story himself and used actual pictures we’ve taken. It’s adorable.
  • Our 8 year old daughter gave our 10 year old son this Harry Potter cross stitch bookmark. He’s been very into handicrafts and is obsessed with both Harry Potter and reading in general, so it was a great fit. (And he loves sports, so the Quidditch one was perfect.) She also added in a wedge of yummy brie!
  • Our 6 year old son gave our 8 year old daughter this card game. She’s our child who really loves game and also love unicorns. It’s been so fun for them to all play together.
  • Our 3 year old son gave our 6 year old son these walkie talkies. Our 6 year old is an explorer so these have been wonderful. (We gave our 3 year old money for his gift since he’s not participating in family economy yet.)