The Yoto Player has been an absolute game changer for our family, especially for our four year old. It’s allowed him to listen to so many audiobooks, be more independent, and has vastly improved quiet time.

Our 4 year old in particular tends to be fairly demanding with wanting to be read to constantly. And with both Dan and me working from home and really needing him to honor quiet time (without constantly interrupting to ask for help with/to put on another audiobook). We needed a better solution than an old laptop that he couldn’t control, or tablet that would click into other options too easily.

The Yoto Player has been an absolute dream come true. He can switch out the cards on his own to play different books, or we can use the Bluetooth speaker function to play a library book for him via the Libby app on our phones. It’s the most convenient, genius little kid audio player. It’s also been amazing for RV trips – he can listen on his own with headphones while doing a small activity. It’s the best!

You can use this link to purchase, and the code PREETHI10 for 10% off the regular Yoto player, and here’s the link for the Yoto Mini.

You can also purchase at Target (regular and mini) or on Amazon (regular and mini).