Four Eyes

Is it funny to anyone else that glasses used to have such a negative connotation and now all the cool cats wear them?  Remember that old Full House episode when Stephanie gets glasses and she’s so afraid of getting teased … Read More


Things That Make Me Happy Monday

Cardi: F21; Plaid Button Down: Target; Barely visible striped shirt: H&M; Sparkly belt: J.Crew Factory; Jeans: Target; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Umbrella: Ikea Family in town, even for a short bit, this weekend.  Nat had an absolute blast with his … Read More



Janssen, Merrick, and Landen had this brilliant idea.  The idea is to do things that you pin.  Brilliant, yes?  I thought so, too.  They’ve invited others to join in, so here are mine!  1. DIY Memory Game with Popsicle Sticks.  … Read More


5 Months

Sweet baby c, Good heavens, but you are just the best baby there ever was.  I know I’ll think this of all my babies, but right now, it’s all about you, sweets.But really.  You are just the sweetest little thing … Read More

Things That Make Me Happy Monday

        Coat: Free People; Cardi: J.Crew Factory; Necklace: c/o Eclectic Ornaments; Skirt: Banana; Purse: thrifted; Boots: Payless NOT being sick.  The week-long absence was due to 3/4 of us being down with the flu last week – … Read More



     Sweater/Pants: F21; Blouse: Old Navy; Scarf: Old; Socks: Gift; Booties: Zappos You know those outfits that just scream, “Go park yourself by the fire with a blanket and read a book”?  This was that outfit.  These pants are … Read More


Corn, Potato & Green Chile Chowder

I love soup in the wintertime.  It’s pretty much the only thing that is reasonable to eat when it’s 30 degrees out, amiright?This soup is one of my favorites.  It’s hearty and delicious and tastes even better the next day.  … Read More



Twelve years ago today, I was a nerdy junior in high school and had just moved to a new city.  My marketing teacher convinced me to try out this competition club called DECA, and I liked him, so I thought … Read More


Things That Make Me Happy Monday

      Sweater: Target; Skirt/Necklace: J.Crew Factory; Boots: Payless; Scarf: H&M; Tights: Old   Mondays.  They’re hard.  For me, anyway.  You’re coming off a weekend of lovely family time and husbandly assistance with the smalls and relaxation.  You’re exiting … Read More


Mom Style

Being a mom means learning how to juggle.  Not balls, although I imagine that would be handy as far as babytainment goes.  But life.  I feel like I’m in a perpetual balancing act – what I want to do and … Read More