Twelve years ago today, I was a nerdy junior in high school and had just moved to a new city.  My marketing teacher convinced me to try out this competition club called DECA, and I liked him, so I thought I’d give it a whirl.
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There was this one shy boy who wanted to practice introducing himself to people at this particular competition; he figured he already knew everyone coming from his school, and he’d probably never see the others again, so there was no pressure.  Turns out the very person to whom he introduced himself was me.  It turns out we did go to the same school, but since I’d just moved to the city, we hadn’t yet met.

Seven years later I married that boy.  Five years after that, we have two pretty cute smalls.  February 6th, you were a good day.  Thanks for happening.

(We both ended up studying business, too.  Pretty impactful teacher!)

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  • So sweet! I started dating my husband junior year of high school, and I used to be embarrassed to tell people that because "high school sweethearts" sounds so cheesy – but the more I hear stories like this, the more I love it. How special to have such a long history together and such a cute story of how you met! Ah, those young, nerdy days 🙂

  • That is a very cute story, I can't believe I hadn't heard it before. I met my husband between Sophomore and Junior year, but we hated each other until before he went on his mission. We tell people that we knew each other in high school and they automatically assume we were sweethearts. I guess things have a way of working themselves out. Happy February 6 to you!

  • I loved hearing the whole story when you guys were here!

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