Featured Black History Month Food: Black History Month Recipes for Kids

It’s important to remember that Black individuals live in every part of the country and not all eat alike. Just like anyone else, Black Americans the area in which people live largely affects Black Americans. We should never expect that all Black people eat the same.

Some traditional African American comfort foods can signal joy and communion. Here are some wonderful ones to honor their sacrifice for freedom. Whatever you do, please be careful to learn about the history of why that food is connected to Black Americans, and question whether it signals some aspect of oppression. Be cautious to not just go off of stereotypical “Black” food as a way to celebrate. A much better option is to support a Black-owned restaurant – there are plenty that represent a very wide variety of foods!

Here are some Black History Month recipes from the African diaspora.

Here are some ideas for Juneteenth food when you remember this holiday later in the year.



Featured Black History Month Scientist: Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson was a Black American mathematician who worked for NASA. She was very important in a human being able to orbit the earth in space, and being able to land on the moon.


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