I have a very narrow face and have always had trouble with glasses. Even as an adult, I always purchased youth glasses because regular adult ones would always fall off. It was frustrating because the cuts and the dimensions of the frames didn’t quite work, but at least they would stay on.

I stopped using glasses for many years because of this. But I finally decided I needed to be nicer to my eyes, especially at night, and not wear my contacts for quite as many hours. My husband has long loved Warby Parker and has used their glasses since they first launched, so I decided to give them a try.

I loved the home try-on, and found a pair I absolutely LOVE. My favorite part is they take a picture of you and suggest glasses that will fit. Sure enough, every frame the website suggested was either an extra-narrow or narrow frame. I LOVE that they have those options available!!

Turns out I fell in love with this extra-narrow pair. They fit my face perfectly and I love the style of them. They have tons of other great options, too, for a really reasonable price (and that works with many insurance plans). Basically I can’t sing their praises enough!