A couple years ago when we redid our bathrooms, I decided to also update our towels. And proceeded to spend WAY too much time researching towels – ha! I finally landed on ones I love – they’re inexpensive, fantastic quality (they all look brand new 2 years later!), and are attractive. Can’t beat that!

Unfortunately, the bath towels are no longer available, but these look very similar and are from a brand I LOVE (they make our beloved sheets and duvet). They’re also a similar price point, and have a similar color to what we have (we have dark gray).

These are the hand towels I adore.

And finally, these are the very best bath towels in the RV. They’re so lightweight and dry sooo fast. Plus, I love that everyone has their own color so we know which one belongs to whom! I think they’d also be great at home if you don’t love super fluffy towels.