My Favorite Products of 2021

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I loved thinking through some of my most useful, quality products of the year that made my life just a bit easier. (Here’s my list from 2020, too.) I’d love to hear if you love any of these things, as well!!

Favorite things 2021

Shampoo Scalp Massager

I’ve talked before about how I have mega thick hair, and it can get exhausting to wash it. (My arms get tired! About 6 months ago, I got a silicone hair scrubber and it’s been a game changer! It gets my hair and scalp really clean without making my fingertips and arms ache. Love this thing.


I’ve considered a Cinemood for years and finally got one this year. And surprise – we’re all in love with it!! It’s the most convenient little tiny projector. It is just so darn fun taking it outside for backyard movie nights or playing a short Christmas clip on the ceiling of the kids’ room before bed.

And we haven’t even used it yet for the main reason we got it – for the RV! We are extremely excited to do a very easy movie night while in the rig, without having to worry about not having service since we can download content beforehand from our Netflix or Disney+.

Basically we love our Cinemood and think it’ll be the perfect way to actually connect through media this year!


Hiking Leggings

I’ve gone through quite the number of leggings over the last year and a half. I’ve tried them for all different things like hiking, biking, running, and lounging. And these are the pair that have consistently been my favorites. I like that they’re soft instead of slick. They’re structured and supportive but not constricting (I love how stretchy they are!). They have pockets. And they’re not too thick. They’re always the first ones I reach for to exercise in after wash day!

Warby Parker Glasses

I hadn’t had a pair of glasses I liked in probably over 5 years. It was always hard for me to find a pair that fit since I have a pretty narrow face and the regular adult sizes always fell off. So I always wore my contacts, even late at night, and it was starting to make my eyes super tired. I decided to finally be a grown up and get a pair of glasses.

Dan has loved and used Warby Parker for years and years, so I started there. I was shocked to find I could actually search for glasses that are narrow in frame! It even took a photo of me and matched me to glasses that fit (it recommended only narrow and extra narrow frames for me). It turns out I was able to get a pair of glasses that I love that fits perfectly, doesn’t fall off, and doesn’t give me headaches from wearing. Plus, I love that I didn’t have to go anywhere to get them but I could still try them on at home before committing. I and my eyes are so happy!

Brooklinen Sheets

We purchased a Brooklinen duvet several years ago and have absolutely loved it. So when we decided to upgrade our sheets this year after our old ones got super worn, we decided to try the Brooklinen sheets, as well.

And I absolutely love them. They feel so luxurious and soft and crips. They’re also affordable for nice sheets. Plus, it’s a small business owned by a husband-and-wife duo (I loved listening to this podcast episode with them!).

This is the set we have and love (since we don’t use a flat sheet and instead use a duvet cover).

Luxe Starter Sheet Set / Solid White

Ecco Sneakers

These shoes are the only item that are a repeat from my 2020 list but I’ve gotten so much darn use out of them this year, too, that I can’t not include them. I wore them for days and days all over Disney World, and all through Ecuador and Guatemala. They’re truly the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned and my feet never hurt while wearing them, even after walking miles and miles. Best shoes ever!


Yoto Player

Who knew a tiny product we acquired in the 11th hour of the year would make its way so quickly into my top products list? Honestly, the Yoto Player has been an absolute game changer for our family, especially for our four year old.

I talked on Instagram Stories how he tends to be fairly demanding with wanting to be read to constantly. And with both Dan and me working from home and really needing him to honor quiet time (without constantly interrupting to ask for help with/to put on another audiobook), we needed a better solution than an old laptop that he couldn’t control.

The Yoto Player has been an absolute dream come true. He can switch out the cards on his own to play different books, or we can use the Bluetooth speaker function to play a library book for him via the Libby app on our phones. It’s the most convenient, genius little kid audio player. We’re super excited to take this one on road trips with us, too! (You can use this link to purchase, and the code PREETHI10 for 10% off the regular Yoto player.)

Children playing with Yoto Player

AirPods Case

I have a truly terrible habit of dropping my AirPods case constantly. I was terrified I was going to break it at some point so I got this inexpensive case for it. Not only is it absolutely darling, it protects my case (and also makes it harder to lose). A very worthy $10.

Lates By Kate Pajamas

Honestly, I resisted these expensive pajamas for a long time because I couldn’t imagine they were worth the hype and long wait times for drops. But when I saw the cute tiger print a few months ago, I decided to go for it. Well, joke’s on me because I purchased two more sets during their Christmas drop.

Tubby Todd All Over Ointment

Both I and one of my kiddos have extremely dry skin, and it’s always way worse in the wintertime. This lotion is very gentle but also super healing, and lasts longer than just after we put it on. It’s perfect for both my skin and their skin.

I love that it’s a small, mom-owned business, as well.

Hair Ties

I need something strong to contain my hair, and these hair ties are the ones. They’re just a bit more than the ones you’d find at the drugstore but 1000 times stronger and more comfortable. They last for so long, too!

Bravery Magazine

I’ve sung the praises of Bravery Magazine many times before, but it really is just so wonderful. I love reading each issue with my kids, love the focus on inclusion and highlighting amazing women, and love all the beautiful designs and activities. It’s truly a top-notch children’s publication that everyone should have in their home. I love it just as much as my kids do!

Electric Pencil Sharpener

We had the old version of this pencil sharpener for about 4 years before one of my kids finally got something irreparably stuck in it. I waited a month or two to replace it to be sure the old one really was done for and I regretted every minute. I couldn’t have been happier when the new one arrived and it’s just as magical as I remembered! My older daughter’s teacher also has it in her classroom and we geeked out over how much we love it.

Super Warm & Lightweight Jacket

I’ve run cold my entire life. Usually, I just bundle up and call it good. But with doing quite a bit more hiking as a family, I knew I needed a jacket that would be super warm but also very lightweight both for doing activities as well as for travel. I wanted it to be weather-resistant but also super packable, and also keep me really toasty.

I talked to a number of people and finally decided on this Patagonia jacket. And it’s perfect. It’s lightweight enough that I can go on runs in it on cold mornings, it’s perfect for hiking with the family, and I could absolutely layer it for really cold temperatures and it would hold in tons of heat. I love the multiple zippered pockets and the fit. It’s pricey, but for me, it’s been worth every penny in order to stay warm.

Wire Hanging Fruit and Vegetable Baskets

For a while, we’d been trying to figure out a solution for storing our fruits and vegetables that don’t go in the refrigerator. We used to have several different big bowls to contain them, but they were starting to take up quite a bit of space. Plus, when we redid our kitchen countertops, the new open counter layout wasn’t really conducive to having a bunch of bowls stacked on top.

So I ordered these hanging wire baskets to mount on a wall in the kitchen. We have 6 of them and have different things in each one, like apples or oranges or potatoes or onions. I specifically wanted ones that were flat (and not wire) on the bottom so nothing would leak out the bottom and so the items on bottom would be less likely to get mushy. So far, they’ve been an absolute dream and it looks so much tidier! Such a great and inexpensive solution for us that also looks decent.

H&M Jeans

It had been a very long time since I’d purchased clothing other than hiking gear. But I was long overdue for a pair of jeans! Madewell has been my go-to for years but they’re pricey. So when a friend recommended these jeans that are under $20, I decided to give them a shot.

And I LOVE them. They’re the perfect high-waisted cut, look modern and slim but aren’t skinny, and are super comfortable. They’ve been my favorite pair for months!

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza has quickly become a mega family favorite since we gave it to Dan for Father’s Day. It’s quick and hilarious and perfect for a variety of ages. We gave this game out as a party favor at my oldest’s 11th birthday party and his friends’ families all loved it, too!

Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera

Last Christmas, Dan bought me a new camera. It was a huge gift and I was honestly shocked as that is definitely not the norm for us. But he noticed it was a big interest of mine and was becoming ever more important in my work. I’d been shooting on an old crop sensor for years, and had done a lot to practice shooting in manual as much as possible. So he knew I had developed the skills to make the investment worthwhile.

And truly, it has been the very best product of 2021 for me. I love this thing like my sixth child, ha. It takes dreamy photos and it’s pushed me to learn some new skills, like shooting indoors and doing a tiny bit of astrophotography. I can’t wait to continue to learn next year. (My favorite lenses are this one and this one.)

Canon EOS R6 Mirrorless Camera


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