My Favorite Hair Tools for Thick Frizzy Hair

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I have extremely thick frizzy hair. You know that episode of Friends when Monica’s hair keeps getting bigger and bigger in the Barbados? That’s basically my hair.

You’ve probably seen this hair tool mentioned a lot on the Internet, but here’s my review of this straightening and volumizing blow dryer brush for frizzy thick hair. I know lots of people who use this Revlon blow dryer brush but I get a lot of questions on how it works on thick hair so I hope this is helpful.

I’ve also included a few other minimal hair tools and products items that I love. I like to spend very limited time on my hair, so these products are perfect for that. Read to the bottom to see how I really like all of these tools!Thick frizzy hair tools

This post about my favorite hair tools for frizzy thick hair contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.

Hair Cream Product for Wavy Hair

My hair has gone through different phases and levels of waviness/curliness. It’s currently not very curly, but still holds wave, and still gets pretty frizzy. I sometimes wear it naturally wavy, but it does get pretty frizzy. I like this product to tame it when I do wear it natural. Since it’s a cream, it’s really soft and not stiff, and I love how it holds.

How Often I Wash My Thick & Frizzy Hair

Still, I don’t love putting a bunch of product in my hair regularly, especially since that means I need to wash it more often. I generally only like to wash my hair once a week at most, and sometimes up to 10 days. This is especially convenient when we’re in the RV and it’s harder to wash my hair!

When I straighten my hair, I can more easily get away with that amount of time since I don’t have product built up. My hair doesn’t get greasy quickly; in addition to having a LOT of hair, each individual strand is very thick and it tends to be pretty dry overall. Straightening my hair means I can manage the longest amount of time between washes.

Surprisingly, the shampoo and conditioner that work best on my hair are super inexpensive! I love the tea tree shampoo from Trader Joes, and this conditioner is seriously incredible. It’s so cheap and comes in a giant bottle, but is legit better than any of the fancy conditioners I’ve tried. And all the reviews agree. (You can also get it here and here.)

Thick frizzy hair tools

Other Hair Tools for Thick Frizzy Hair

I’ve tried a lot of hair tools over the year. I’ve tried blow drying it with a round brush and blow dryer. That was super exhausting and I’ve only done it a few times because it would take me over an hour and my arms would be falling off. (I’ve had multiple hair stylists not quite realize what they were getting into and comment halfway in that, wow, I wasn’t kidding when I said I have a lot of hair!)

I’ve also tried just blow drying it out and straightening it with a flat iron. While that worked, I don’t love love the stick-straight quality of it, and it feels like it is hard on my hair with that amount of direct heat. While my hair is strong and doesn’t get damaged easily at all, I’d prefer to not be that rough with it.

The Best Hair Tool for Thick Frizzy Hair

By far, my very favorite hair tool for thick frizzy hair that I’ve tried is this round blow dryer brush. (Also available at Target and Walmart.) Combining the blow dryer and the round brush means it’s soooo much easier to use and also way faster. It feels much less heat damaging than a flat iron, too. It takes me less than 1/3 the time to dry and style my hair of any other method and I’ve loved it for several years now. I know lots of people have talked about this Revlon blow dryer brush, and after several years of use, I really do love it so much for my thick frizzy hair.

I usually let my hair mostly air dry, usually with this amazing hair turban. I love that it stays in place super securely (unlike a towel) and keeps my back from getting all wet. Then when it’s mostly dry, I use this amazing blow dryer brush. I’ve had this thing for well over two years and used it almost weekly in that time, and it’s still working great. With my extremely thick hair, it usually takes about 20 minutes. SO much less than other methods!

I usually divide my hair in thirds. I usually dry the bottom third (closest to the nape of my neck first, with the other 2/3 up in a bun on top of my head to stay out of the way (I LOVE these ponytail holders – they’re so secure and amazing!). After that portion is completely dry, I take down the next 2/3 of my hair, putting the very top portion in a bun on top of my head again. Finally, I release the top portion and dry it thoroughly, making sure to get all the ends and middle portions completely dry.

Maintaining Thick Hair Between Washes

Finally, I usually finish things off by curling a few pieces of my hair with this hair wand. I usually leave it straight the first day or two, but then do this after. It’s super quick and easy and not damaging.

I also often skip the curling wand – if I turn the blow dryer brush in a certain way, it not only dries and smooths, but also curls it a bit. It’s perfect.

I also usually use dry shampoo for just a couple days before I wash my hair again. My favorites are this kind (my friend introduced me to this one and I love the foam!) and this kind. Both work well with my dark hair.

All My Favorite Hair Tools for Frizzy Hair

Here’s a recap of all my favorites:

There you have it – all my favorite hair tools for thick frizzy hair, and my love affair with the Revlon volumizer blow dryer brush. As someone who spends as little time as possible on every day except wash hair, I love it so so much for helping my hair look good so much faster, and with much easier upkeep.

Have you tried this hair tool? If so, what kind of hair do you have, and does it work well for you?


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