Best Travel Makeup: Travel Makeup Essentials + Everyday Quick Makeup Routine

As a busy mom, I have neither the time nor interest in spending a ton of time on makeup while traveling or at home. Here are my favorite basic travel makeup essentials that are also perfect for my everyday quick makeup routine!
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When traveling, especially with kids, I rarely have time or interest in doing a full face of makeup. There’s too much to do and see! But I do like to have a few travel makeup essentials to help me feel put together and alert, especially with jet lag.

Over the years, I’ve narrowed my list of the best travel makeup. I now travel with the same makeup basics for nearly every trip, and typically use the same things for my everyday quick makeup routine. While this is great makeup for Indian skin tone, all of these brands are mainstream and come in an assortment of colors. The textures and colors are spot on for a variety of skin types and colors!

I love having a fast makeup routine for everyday (perfect mom makeup!) that is easy enough for travel, as well. It’s the I hope this simple makeup packing list is helpful to you, too!

5 travel makeup essentialsThis post on the best travel makeup essentials contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.

Best Travel Makeup: Travel Makeup Essentials + Everyday Quick Makeup Routine

Eyebrows: Brow Flick + Boy Brow

It seems everyone has one or two makeup essentials, and brows are mine. I feel like if my brows have a bit of definition, I feel put together and alert.

I’ve tried a LOT of different eyebrow makeups, and this combination is my favorite by far. I used the Anastasia brow pencil for a long while before switching to this. While I did really like the Anastasia, it a) ran out really quickly and b) felt a bit too harsh. The brow flick and boy brow combo lasts significantly longer (so it ends up costing way less) and also has a softer look to it.

The boy brow on its own doesn’t give as much definition as I’d like, but it’s perfect paired with the brow flick. The brow flick has a soft brush tip, so it is defined but still not overly heavy or harsh. I love it! And both items are still small, so it’s easy to carry them for your travel makeup routine.

The boy brow is the cult favorite that convinced me to try Glossier in the first place. It’s the perfect defining pomade, that darkens a bit but not too much. The two together are perfect!


Instead of normal eyeshadow (which I rarely wear), I like doing a quick and really thin swipe of this pretty, shimmery liquid eyeshadow. I basically use it like a thin eyeliner just on my top lid. I keep it super narrow so it doesn’t look overwhelming, but just makes my eyes pop a bit. It’s perfect for when I feel tired (hello, jet lag!) and is so pretty and subtle, and great for a fast makeup routine.

I also love it because there’s no danger of a palette breaking and getting all over the place. It’s the best travel makeup! (And is currently on sale for almost $4 off!)


I’ve tried a LOT of different concealers and this is by far and away my favorite. It’s the kind of makeup item where I had to buy another kind because this was out of stock, and then I had to force myself to keep using the other one for a while before tossing it to go back to this. Such good, creamy coverage that looks natural and stays all day. The best.

There’s also a travel sized concealer, which is perfect for your makeup packing list, and the simple applicator means it’s great for a mom makeup routine.

Mascara Primer + Mascara

Is there anything that sounds fussier than mascara primer for a simple makeup routine? Ridiculous. Except for the fact that it legitimately makes my mascara last ALL day and doesn’t flake, plus costs less than $7. So. Totally worth the extra 20 seconds it takes to apply.

I also really love this mascara. It’s a clean beauty product, so it’s great for sensitive skin and gentle on your eyes, plus is cruelty-free and vegan. It creates SUPER long and thick lashes and lasts all day long. I also love that the company donates a portion of every purchase to help women suffering from homelessness, domestic abuse, cancer, or who have served in the military.

(You can use THIS LINK to get $10 off your first purchase plus free shipping if you’d like to try it out.)


Gosh, I freaking LOVE this product. It’s a cream blush that just dabs on and blends so naturally. It just makes me look a little flushed and cheery, but looks very very natural. I love that with this cream blush + concealer, I don’t even feel any need for foundation. They provide beautiful and very natural coverage together (and I definitely don’t have perfect skin).

It’s also the kind of formulation that works on tons of different skin tones. My favorite is Dawn, but lots of the colors are great. I love that they also show how the colors look on different skin tones on their site.

Finally, it’s super easy to apply. I am NOT a makeup junkie or pro, and this blush really is so easy to just dab on with your finger. And since it doesn’t require a brush, it’s perfect for easy travel makeup. It’s truly one of my very favorite beauty products.

If I’m feeling like something a little lighter and more like a highlighter with a tiny bit of shimmer, I absolutely LOVE this blush and have used it for years and years. There’s a reason it’s a cult favorite.

And that’s it! My basic travel makeup essentials and the best travel makeup. Hope they help you with your own quick makeup routine!



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