5 Experience Gifts for Grandparents

Mixbook provided us with holiday cards in exchange for this post. All ideas are my own, and ones we’ve used or considered ourselves. If your parents are anything like our parents, it is REALLY difficult to purchase Christmas gifts for … Read More

15 Tried-and-True Kid Travel Accessories

We’ve found a few really excellent travel accessories for kids over the last 7+ years. These are things that have saved our (vegetarian) bacon time and again. While this list doesn’t include travel entertainment options (that’s a whole other post!), … Read More


5 Super Simple Bottled Gifts

I kind of have a thing for jars (who doesn’t?).  Baby food jars, mason jars, little Boston round bottles…total sucker.  Here’s a list of 5 easy bottled gifts that take a couple minutes each, max. 1. Homemade Vanilla.  There are … Read More