25+ Useful Mother’s Day Travel Gifts

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I’m not big on physical Mother’s Day gifts – I’d always prefer some sort of fun experience together. But I do always really appreciate quality products that will serve me and our family and actually help us on those adventures! So Mother’s Day travel gifts are right up my alley.

Here are 25+ fantastic gifts for moms that love to travel. They’re all items I personally have used and love and are helpful for travels near and far. They’re definitely not limited to moms, and are excellent, practical travel gifts for anyone who loves to adventure.

If you know a mom who loves the outdoors & hiking, here’s a list of all my favorite outdoorsy Mother’s Day gift ideas. And if you need more ideas, here are some other posts that have some great gift ideas for moms who love to travel!

Flytographer for Family Photos

The very best Mother’s Day gift is the gift of time, and if you can document it, even better. We absolutely love using Flytographer to get some beautiful family photos; despite having a camera and tripod, there’s something so special about having someone else capture your family in a way that you can’t. It’s a terrific option for getting photos together while traveling (they have photographers all over the world), and we’ve even used them in our home city. Gifting a mom an easy way to get some photos with her IN them would be such a lovely Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to travel. Code PASSPORT for $25 off. (This would also check the box for gifts for travel couples!)


I absolutely love this little device that allows you to connect your own Bluetooth headphones to the airplane’s entertainment system. You just plug this tiny device into the headphone jack, connect, and voila – you can listen via wireless headphones. It’s brilliant and is way more comfortable than using the cheap headphones airlines provide, and less annoying than having a cord hanging. It’s especially helpful if you’re flying with a lap infant so the cord isn’t constantly in their face or a choking risk! Perfect Mother’s Day gift for a mom who loves to travel.

Luggage Belt

You know when you want to rest a personal item on top of your rolling luggage but it keeps shifting and falling and it’s wildly annoying? The Cincha is a simple but brilliant solution for that. It has a sleeve that hooks over the handle of your suitcase, then the belt secures any other item on top. Perfect for someone who loves traveling with a carry on and an easy add to the best travel gifts for her list!

Hexagon Huggie Earrings

If you’ve seen me on Instagram anytime in the last year and half, you’ve almost certainly seen me in these earrings. They’re the best – so comfortable (I literally never feel them, and I have really sensitive ears), super cute, lightweight. I love all their jewelry (I’ve been wearing these chunky gold earrings a ton lately), but the hex huggies are my faves because they’re simple but just a little unique. I wear them every time we travel because I can leave them in to sleep & shower and never remove them (and so never need to worry about losing them). They’d make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a travel lover and are perfect for more personalized travel gifts! (Use code PREETHI for 15% off.)

Money Belt Travel Wallet

This is really convenient to wear if you want to keep money and credit cards concealed. It’s thin so it fits under clothing, and is big enough for a passport if you need it, too.

Set of Packing Cubes

Always a welcomed gift for any traveler! This is my favorite set because they’re expandable, and this set is nice and sturdy, too.

Scrubba Wash Bag

We started using this handy travel wash bag a few months ago and it’s amazing for being able to wash small amounts of clothing when traveling. While we usually stop to do a full load when possible at a laundromat, we definitely have times when we’re just washing undies in the sink of a hotel, which is not awesome. This bag is super lightweight and packs small, but cleans clothing as well as a full washing machine. It’s awesome and would be perfect for a Mother’s Day travel gift. (Free shipping in the US, also available on Amazon.) (Code LPFAMILY10 works through Sunday, 5 May)

Satellite GPS Device

This is a super handy little device that’s especially great for hiking and other outdoors activities, but also really helpful for traveling, especially to remote areas. It was so helpful when our RV broke down when we didn’t have service, and is great for traveling to areas where cell reception is weak (or nonexistent). (It’s also included in my list of outdoorsy Mother’s Day gift ideas!)

Filter Water Bottle

If you know a mom who loves to travel off the beaten path either in the wilderness or in areas without potable tap water, this filter water bottle is absolutely amazing. I love that it filters quickly and easily without needing to suck through a straw for clean water. You can filter the entire bottle in one go, and then it’s also easy to decant into other bottles (like kid ones) if needed. It’s an investment, but it’s been a lifesaver for us for everything from hiking in backcountry to exploring in India. Definitely on the list of best gift ideas for people who travel.

Storyworth (Perfect Last Minute Gift)

Hear me out – I know this one isn’t specific to travel, but Storyworth is perfect for someone who has enjoyed travel (or any experiences, really) to record the special moments of their life. Think of it as custom travel gifts! The recipient receives question prompts about their life that they answer, then those are all compiled into a beautiful book. We did this for my dad a few years ago, before he passed away, and I am SO grateful to have those special memories that he shared from his travels and adventures, as well as about time spent with family.

Travel Belt Bag / Minimal Diaper Bag

I’ve used this bag absolutely nonstop since I got it a year and a half ago. It’s the absolute perfect travel or everyday bag for moms who are active and on the go. I love that it’s cute and goes with everything, and holds a ton even though it’s really low-profile. The main pocket is roomy and can fit diapers and snacks, along with my keys, sunglasses, AirPods, and more, along with an interior zip. I love that it has a waterproof wipes pocket and fold out changing pad (that’s removable if you don’t need it). Then the front pocket holds credit cards, pens, and a few other items. I just can’t say enough good things about it and it’s amazing for having a few necessities by my feet on the plane without taking up all my legroom (especially important when I have an infant on my lap). I love it so much and think it would make a fantastic travel Mother’s Day gift. (Also available on Amazon.)

Folding 3-in-1 Charging Station

I’ve had this folding charging station for a few months and at first I thought it was a bit extra, but it turns out it’s really awesome to have everything in one spot. I never take the case with me but just take the dock, and it’s so easy to charge my iPhone, my AirPods, and my Apple watch all in one spot. Also perfect gifts for someone who travels for work.

Mineral Sunscreen + Natural Insect Repellent

If you’re looking for a lower-key gift that will definitely get used, I absolutely adore this glowy mineral face sunscreen. It protects so well and gives the loveliest glow. Pair it with the wipes version (so convenient for travel) of some natural insect repellent (that smells amazing) and you’ll have the perfect useful Mother’s Day gift. Code LPF15 works sitewide.

Best Travel Pants

I’ve talked about how much I love these pants about one million times already, but I’m making it one million and one. They’re super cute, light as a feather, fold up so small, don’t wrinkle, dry in a flash, have a comfy/wide elastic waistband, can dress up or down…they’re literally the perfect pants, especially for travel. More about them HERE. They’d make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for someone who likes to pack light and look cute.

Ecco Sneakers

In that same photo are my favorite shoes for travel – I’ve worn those white sneakers all around the globe for miles and miles. They’re wildly comfortable and great for hours of walking, and even hold up great for light hiking. They’re my go to footwear for every trip. They’re a bit costly, so a travel Mother’s Day gift would be perfect to purchase (or request) them.

Universal Power Adapter / Worldwide Charger

A power adapter is an absolute must have for anyone traveling internationally, and I love this one because it works all over the world and doesn’t take much room. It has both USB-A and USB-C ports and is super convenient. We always pack a couple with us for every international trip and it makes for one of the best gifts for people who travel.

Mini White Noise Machine

We absolutely love this tiny white noise machine and have two of them we always take with us when we travel. They’re great for helping everyone (including adults) fall asleep quickly and stay asleep, especially when dealing with jet lag. It’s compact and so easy to use, and we’ve even turned it on quietly in a stroller when walking around outside.

Waterproof Wet Bag

We love throwing in a waterproof wet bag to contain wet/messy clothing, swimsuits, or any other items when traveling. I love that this one has a darling print and packs small. Prefect travel gifts for moms!

Small Drone

If you’re looking for a big ticket Mother’s Day item, we have and love this drone. It has great video quality and is so small and compact, so it’s very convenient for travel. It’s not cheap, but it’s a terrific choice if you’re in the market for one.

Pack of Locking Carabiners

Carabiners are always, always welcomed when we travel. We have at least one on every person’s backpack because they’re the best for hanging another bag on, clipping on a jacket, or myriad other uses. A great practical, simple, and inexpensive Mother’s Day gift that will get used.

Oil Cleanser

I use this Cleanse oil cleanser every day at home, but I especially love it for travel. It keeps my skin clean and hydrated, and it doubles as a moisturizer, so it’s easy to pack. I take the travel-sized bottle on every trip. (Code PREETHI20 for 20% off.) Such a lovely and thoughtful gift for a traveling mom!

Blue Facial Oil

Speaking of skincare that’s especially great for travel, I always take along a bottle of my beloved Dime blue facial oil. It’s truly magic and I’m not sure what sorcery goes into it, but it removes blemishes overnight and keeps my skin so clear. I use it every night after cleansing when traveling since the dryness and bacteria on planes and new places always tends to impact my skin, but it’s stayed perfectly clear since I started using this. Code LOCALPASSPORTFAMILY.

Mini Portable Charger

If you’ve been here for a while and I have not yet convinced you to get one of these mini portable chargers, I’m sorry for failing you. I love these because they don’t need a cord and are so convenient to carry around. There are lots of different ones available now, but this is my favorite kind for the old iPhone port, I love these for a USB-C port (the new iPhone or Android), or this is a fantastic one that has a magnetic charger or both ports.

Blackout Eye Mask

Dan absolutely swears by a using an eye mask to sleep both at home and especially when traveling. This one is excellent, doesn’t put pressure on your eyes, and leaves room to move your eyelashes. It’s a bit pricier than normal eye masks, so it’s perfect for a Mother’s Day travel gift.

Silicone Travel Toiletries Bottles

These mini toiletries bottles are the best for decanting your own toiletries to take along, and I love the pastel colors! Great for a mom who loves traveling with her own products.

Velvet Travel Jewelry Box

These little boxes are a perfect gift for moms who travel with jewelry. It’s so small and compact but keeps everything organized and tidy. Perfect little gift!

Roll Up Sun Hat

This sun visor is so cute and functional, and is perfect for taking along for travel. I love that it easily rolls up and fits in my luggage, whether I’m checking or doing carry on, and that it doesn’t get bent and misshapen. Perfect for a friend or relative headed on a warm weather vacation.

Wool Socks or Base Layers

Wool socks are always a staple for me when traveling because they wick moisture, are really comfortable, and resist odor (so don’t need to be washed as frequently). Here are my favorite base layers for families, and here’s the full list of all the wool socks I love:

  • Smartwool (buy at SmartwoolREI)
  • Darn Tough (buy at Darn ToughREI)
  • REI Co-op
  • Amazon (these are women’s wool blend socks and while they don’t have as high of a wool content, they’re super soft, stretchy, and warm, and I’ve been really impressed with them – they’re the ones I reach for the most often!)

Best Luggage for Moms

Of course, luggage is always a classic and great gift if you know someone who could use a refresh. Here’s all our favorite luggage for families, including carry on suitcases, check in suitcases, and backpacks.


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