My New Favorite Travel Pants for Moms

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I admit to being a little bit picky when it comes to women’s travel pants.

I like them to be really comfortable, so I can wear them easily even on an overnight plane. (A stretchy waistband is a must for this.) I like them to wash easily, and preferably dry quickly. They need to have pockets, of course. And finally, I need to be able to wear them in multiple travel circumstances, from hiking to museums to a nice dinner. I don’t love taking hiking-specific clothing when traveling because they add bulk and can really only be used for athletics, so I really prefer pants that can also be worn out and about.

It’s a tall order, yes?

I’ve tried several pairs over the years, and have really liked a couple. I recommended this pair for years, and I do still like them, but they slightly changed the cut and fabric a couple years ago and they’re not quite as good anymore. I’ve also had a couple pairs that have torn easily, which is exactly what I do NOT want when traveling.

The BEST Versatile Travel Pants for Women

A few months ago, I ordered these pants on a whim. I’d purchased this skirt in a similar fabric (I love the zipper pockets!!) and was a big fan, so decided to try out these pants. And it turns out I LOVE them.

The waistband is wide and stretchy so it is super comfortable and never rolls down, as often happens with leggings. They have pockets and are a cute cut that easily dresses up or down. They’re whisper thin so they wash and dry in a flash and are great for active adventures when traveling (they were super comfortable on a couple hikes recently). They’re great even in hot weather, or easily slip over my favorite base layers when it’s cold. And they don’t wrinkle!

Seriously, I’m obsessed.

Mom Pants for Travel and Home

I really don’t like having travel specific clothing that looks like either a) I’m a tourist or b) isn’t versatile or cute enough to be worn regularly. These pants are great – I wear them all the time at home in all seasons, too and they look great with everything from my favorite white sneakers to heels.

I have the pants in navy, which I love for looking good with just about everything, but I’m considering getting them in another color or two, as well. I love the mountain olive, seaweed stripe, and black. These would also make a terrific gift for a lady in your life, especially one who loves traveling or outdoor adventures!

Other Travel Pants for Women

Here are a few other great options!

  • A slightly dressier trouser – I’m purchasing these!
  • I have these linen pants in the color burlwood and really like them. They run a bit big, though, and the waistband stretches out, so I’d size down!



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  • Now you’re in the UK there is a outdoor small business called ACAI and they have shower proof, stretchy hiking trousers that look like skinny jeans (they have other shapes but they are my fav). Come in summer weight or fleece lined for winter. My most worn trousers in UK winter with the rain, warmth, ease for travel, hiking or everyday. Love them!

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