What I Packed for 2 Months of Summer Travel

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Packing always feels like one of the biggest hurdles to overcome prior to leaving on a big trip, especially with a big family. We always far prefer to pack light so we don’t feel overwhelmed with packing and unpacking, especially since we knew we’d be moving around to a number of different countries and cities. Here are some of the constraints for what I packed for 2 months of summer travel:

  • Heat: I knew it would be super hot traveling in South and Southeast Asia, as well as humid and damp. I needed fabrics that would stay cool and also dry quickly
  • Breastfeeding: I needed clothing that was breastfeeding-friendly
  • Modesty: We’d be visiting a number of temples and religious sites, so I wanted clothing that would allow me to enter easily
  • Comfort: Of course, I wanted comfortable clothing that felt cute and like ME
  • Wash easily: No dry clean only fabrics here, please.
  • Versatile: I wanted clothing that would work for a variety of activities and circumstances, and that generally went together.

Here’s what I ended up packing for 2 months of summer travel!

Women’s Tops for Summer Travel

For tops, I packed 5 short-sleeved ones since I knew it would be hot basically the entire time we would be traveling. For some trips, I opt to pack at least one long-sleeved top for layering purposes, but for this one, I knew we’d be dealing with extreme heat and humidity, so I wanted the coolest options possible. I also knew that for long flights when I might get cold, I would have access to an airplane blanket, and also could layer with my rain jacket (which is surprisingly warm because it has little air flow!).

Here are the tops I packed!

Women’s Bottoms for Summer Travel

I personally tend to prefer skirts and dresses when it’s really hot, so I primarily packed those as bottoms.

  • I got this skirt just before our trip and it’s been an absolute favorite. I love it every time I wear it. It’s super lightweight (and dries SO fast), has an elasticized waist for comfort but flat front for polish, buttons at the front, has pockets, has a pretty print, and the nicest drape/swish. Perfect length, especially in Asia for entering temples and such. Such a winner!
  • Athleta skirt – I love how lightweight this one is and it dries in a flash. Plus, it has zippered pockets!
  • These excellent linen pants (in color Burlwood) – These are really lightweight and comfortable so they work in warm weather, but are also comfortable for travel (including chilly airplanes). I’ve loved them!
  • Shorts are admittedly harder for me for looking cute and also are trickier when traveling in Asia – many temples and other sites require clothing to be under the knee or even calf-length. Still, it’s hot enough that I knew I wanted at least one pair of shorts, and I really love these – they’re comfortable, loose, and cool, but still look polished and nice. Can dress up or down, too.

Women’s Dress for Summer Travel

I packed one dress for this trip. This one is a favorite – I have it in both navy and this green floral (I packed the green floral for our trip). It buttons at the front for easy breastfeeding access, but I love that it’s collarless so my neck stays cooler. It also cinches at the waist for a cute and adjustable fit, and I love the slightly longer sleeves. It’s a great one!

I also purchased one salwar & leggings while in India that I’ve worn in a few other places, as well. It’s comfortable and good for visiting temples and such.

Women’s Shoes for Summer Travel

I decided to only bring two pairs of shoes this trip – a pair of sturdy hiking sandals and my most comfortable walking shoes. To be honest, I’ve worn the former 95% of the time and probably could’ve gotten away with only those, but I did use my walking shoes on a big hike after turning my ankle a bit the day before, and was very glad to have those supportive shoes.

These sandals really have been a total workhorse – they’re great in and out of water, for hiking, and for walking all over. They’re easy to get on and off for airport security, too.

I considered bringing my beloved Saltwaters instead because I personally find them so comfortable and they’re definitely cuter and more lightweight. But honestly, the Chacos have provided a lot of support when walking, and have kept my feet further off the ground in wet and muddy places (a lot this summer). They’re also been great for boating traction and for protecting my feet when snorkeling and such. So even though they’re not as cute, I’m definitely glad I brought them instead of my Saltwater sandals.

These leather Chacos are definitely cuter, but with how much we’ve been in and out of ocean water, I don’t know that they would’ve held up as well as my standard ones. They also don’t have the same traction on the bottom for hiking.

So overall, I’m glad I brought my long-wearing Chacos – they’ve been the most functional and versatile shoe this summer, despite not necessarily being the very cutest. 😉

I also really love these slide sandals and would’ve brought mind if we were planning to dress up more!

Nursing Bras for Summer Travel

I brought along 3 nursing bras this summer. Here are the ones I included:

Women’s Swimsuits for Summer Travel

Each person in the family packed along 2 swimsuits. Here are the ones I chose:

Women’s Rain Jacket for Summer Travel

I’ve had and loved this rain jacket for a while and it’s been perfect for this summer. It hasn’t been super wet, fortunately, but has been so helpful during those sudden storms. It’s lightweight and very easily packable, and takes up almost no room/weight. It’s also worked for a bit of warmth/insulation on chilly planes or in a couple of cooler areas.

If we were in really wet areas, I love these rain pants (they were super helpful in colder/wetter areas to stay dry) but with the warmth this summer, I didn’t need them.

Socks for Summer Travel

We have not needed many socks this summer, but I brought along a few pairs of my favorite no-show socks to wear on the plane and to enter temples and such.

Women’s Pajamas for Summer Travel

I brought along 2 pairs of pajamas. I love this super lightweight and cool nightgown, and I also brought along a pair of my favorite Lates by Kate jogger pajamas.

Hat for Summer Travel

Finally, I packed along one hat, which has been great and helpful for sun and heat protection. It’s also handled getting wet a number of times.

Best Diaper Belt Bag

I got this little belt bag before our trip and have been a little obsessed with it. It’s so great for throwing in a few things while walking around without needing a full bag. I can easily fit a couple diapers, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, credit cards, pen, mini charger, and more. It also has a waterproof zipper pocket for wipes and a fold out changing pad. I love it!!

Backpack for Summer Travel

My 3 older kids each packed one of these 40L kids backapacking packs for our 2 month trip, and I decided to take one of those along, as well. It actually fits me better than my 25L women’s pack, and is definitely way more roomy without feeling bulky. I have had zero issues bringing it on as a carry on even with budget airlines and it fits very easily in the overhead compartment (or can squish under the seat in front of me if needed). I love that the top part easily unbuckles if I need items in there to keep at my seat while the main part of the pack is in the overhead compartment. It also has a compartment perfect for a laptop.

It’s been really durable, comfortable, and a great pack that makes it easy to pack up and go when traveling so that we have fewer suitcases. I’m really glad I brought this one!

Toiletries for Summer Travel

We packed shared toiletries and such for the whole family on this trip that we mostly packed in our one big suitcase. Here are some items we’ve packed and loved:



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