Harry Potter Mythical Creatures Family Halloween Costumes

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We’ve done a family Halloween costume theme for 13 prior years, and up until a week ago, I really thought 2023 was going to be the year it wouldn’t happen. My kids were all over the map with what they wanted to do, from Avatar to Carmen Sandiego to Matilda. It was really difficult to narrow down family Halloween costumes! I’d much rather my kids be excited and happy about costumes than be annoyed with what they were wearing, so I figured everyone would just do their own thing this year.

Several of us were into the idea of mythical creatures, and a couple others got on board. Then about a week ago, my 8 year old got bitten by the Harry Potter bug. He’d read the first book over a year ago and liked it. He’d read the first half of book 2 right after that and also liked it, but then we had some extended travel and he got away from reading it and wasn’t super keen to get back in. So I offered to read him a couple chapters and encouraged him to try just one on his own – and that did it.

Within a few days, he’d raced through the rest of book 2 and was most of the way finished with book 3. Every other sentence from him revolved around spells and magical inventions and then he asked – “Can I actually be Harry Potter for Halloween?”

Suddenly everything fell into place – all the mythical creatures we’d chosen were from Harry Potter, so having him in the midst of them would be perfect. AND everyone would get to do something they were excited about. I was delighted. It was a bit complicated to find some pieces since we were out of town until 2 days before and being in London meant there weren’t nearly as many options for finding items. Despite being lower-key, it’s fun to do it together.

Here are all the details of our Harry Potter and his mythical creatures costumes!

Harry Potter Costume for Kids

We already had this Harry Potter quidditch robe from a past kiddo costume, so it was easy to pull back out. T grabbed a stick for a wand and I ordered him these glasses. We’ll draw on a scar with eyeliner and call it good. Easy peasy.

Sphinx Costume for Women

I was really hoping my older daughter would decide to be a sphinx but she was our one defector who still really wanted to be Carmen Sandigo, so we left it at that. So I decided to pick up the sphinx pieces! I ordered an Egyptian headpiece hat, a cat tail, and will wear all back. Simple and fun.

Centaur Costume for Men

I wish Dan had found some furry pants in time, but alas, we were out of town until 2 days before Halloween, haha! So he’ll just wear regular brown pants, no shirt, and carry a homemade bow and arrows.

Dragon Costume for Kids

N wasn’t originally planning on dressing up this year, so I was really happy when he decided to hop on board and be a dragon. I’m happy for him to choose fun kid activities for as long as he wants! I purchased this dragon costume for him that isn’t too childish, and he’ll wear it with black clothing.

Phoenix Costume for Kids

Throughout our summer travels in Asia, A would get super excited any time he saw a phoenix carving. He loved finding them and pointing them out to the whole family, and has been excited to be a phoenix for months. I was so happy it fit in so well! I purchased this red and yellow bird costume with wings and a mask, and he’ll wewar red leggings and a red sweater underneath.

Unicorn Costume for Kids

M has been very into unicorns for a couple years now, so she was very happy to comply with this suggestion. We got one similar to this – simple and easy.

Mandrake Baby Costume

Okay so technically this falls under the Herbology realm rather than Care of Magical Creatures but the second we thought of this idea, I couldn’t resist. A baby mandrake? Wildly cute.

I purchased this set of baby beanies with a knot on top to attach some artificial plant stems. Then I grabbed some artificial plant stems to attach to the top. We also grabbed a plastic plant pot to encircle the front of our baby carrier. She’ll wear some brown clothes underneath that she already has!

Oh, and we also still had a Carmen Sandiego with a thrifted red coat and scarf. 😉

Do you do family Halloween costumes? If so, what have been some of your favorite themes? I’d love to hear!



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