Our Unique Halloween Costumes for Families

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It’s crazy to me that it’s the last full week of September. Which means it’s almost Halloween season! I strictly celebrate apples in September, then move to pumpkins in Halloween in October, and I’m delighted for it. Plus, this means we can start planning our unique Halloween costumes for families!

We’ve done family Halloween costumes since our oldest was just barely a year old (we didn’t do them his first Halloween, when he wasn’t quite 2 weeks old ;)). It’s been such a fun tradition and we’ve had some of the best family Halloween costumes!

Matching Family Halloween Costumes Ideas

Last year, when our kids were 9, 7 almost 5, and 2, I wasn’t sure we’d pull off a family theme for Halloween costumes. My older two had a few differing ideas on what they might want to do, and I definitely didn’t want to force anyone to participate in a theme. But in the end, they all decided they wanted to join in on the Harry Potter theme a few of us were doing. I was thrilled to get one more year of family costumes out of them!

This year, I figured there was no way they’d all agree on something, so I didn’t even bring it up themed costumes. But then, my 3 older kids all decided on their own they wanted to sibling Halloween costumes, so it was easy for the rest of us to jump in. I can’t wait to show you those costumes once we have everything put together!

Our Family Halloween Costumes Over A Decade

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own themed family Halloween costumes, I’m sharing the past decade of our costumes. We’ve had very basic years and more elaborate ones, but they’ve all been super fun and reflected something our family has been loving at the time. Enjoy, and I hope they give you some ideas for your own Halloween costumes for a family!

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Our Unique Halloween Costumes for Families


2010: Family of 3 Halloween Costume Idea: Chili Pepper

We stuck our oldest in a chili pepper costume for our church Halloween party. Cute and snuggly for our baby who was just over 10 days old.


2011: More Family of 3 Halloween Costumes: Farm

Our oldest was just about a year old, so we dressed him as a darling little cow and we were farmers.


2012: Family of 4 Halloween Costume Ideas with a Baby: The Cat in the Hat

Our older daughter was just over a month old this year, and our oldest loved books. The Cat in the Hat seemed perfect. We had Thing 1, Thing 2, the Cat, and the mother. That was the year I used a lot of felt and feather boas.

family halloween costumes the cat in the hat


2013: Family of 4 Halloween Costumes with Toddlers: Space

We had a little space lover this year! Our 3 year old went as an astronaut, and I made his costume out of some thrifted white clothing, a white plastic utensil holder, and an upside down white bucket. Our little 1 year old was the moon, Dan was mission control, and I was a black hole. (This ended up being perfect, since I was playing in a concert where I had to wear all black and had to go there straight from our church Halloween party.)


2014: Halloween Costumes for Families of 4: Aviation

I was very pregnant with our 3rd baby this year and was due less than a month after Halloween. So I went as a very pregnant flight attendant, Dan was air traffic control, and we had two little aviators. This was probably the most involved year in terms of crafting a costume. Those airplanes were so fun but  took forever, and were tough to walk around in! I used a lot of dowels and felt and hot glue.

cardboard airplane costumes for kids


2015: Family of 5 Halloween Costume Idea: Newsies

This was one of my favorite years of all. We’d introduced the movie Newsies a few months before, and the kids were all very into it. Of course we had to all dress up as Newsies for Halloween! The baby Newsies costume and really the whole family Newsies costumes just made my life. So cute! I sewed the Newsies bags, bought colorful bandanas and some Newsies hats, and sourced the rest from our regular clothing.


2016: More Family of 5 Halloween Costumes: Miss Nelson is Missing: Children’s Book Halloween Costume

We’ve always loved the children’s book Miss Nelson is Missing and its sequels, but we were on a particular Miss Nelson kick in the months leading up to Halloween 2016. It felt natural to dress up as Miss Nelson, Miss Swamp, Detective McSmogg, Principal Blandsworth, and a naughty student. I purchased the bowler hat and pipe, and we had most everything else.

halloween costumes based on children's books


2017: Family of 6 Halloween Costume: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Earlier that year, we’d read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory aloud and watched the movie. It was so fun experiencing it all together. So we did Willy Wonka, Violet Beauregarde, an Oompa Loompa, Mike Teavee, and a Wonka chocolate bar with the most darling little baby golden ticket.

For this costume, I bought the kids Willy Wonka costume and hat as well as the Oompa Loompa hair. I used kid suspenders and baseball pants we had for the rest of the Oompa Loompa costume. I sewed the chocolate bar and golden ticket, and we either owned or thrifted the rest.

halloween costumes for families willy wonka


2018: More Family of 6 Halloween Costume Ideas: European History

Our family spent 10 weeks during the summer of 2018 traveling all around western Europe, so it seemed only natural to choose some characters from European history for our family Halloween costumes ideas. We had King Arthur, Queen Victoria, a Viking, a gladiator and his lion, and Joan of Arc.

Since we were traveling soon before and soon after, I purchased most of these costumes, including the lion, the baby gladiator costume (cutest thing ever), the Viking, King Arthur, Queen Victoria. I made a simple shield and cross out of aluminum foil and construction paper for myself.

halloween costumes based on european history


2019: Family Halloween Costume Themes for a Family of 6: Harry Potter Costume Ideas

This year, my older two (and my 3rd a bit, too) were SUPER into Harry Potter. It felt like we couldn’t let go of our season of family Halloween costumes without all doing Harry Potter together once!

I was super pregnant with our 5th baby and wanted to incorporate that. I considered being Angelina Johnson (with my belly as the quaffle) for a pregnant Halloween costume idea, but decided instead to be Professor Trelawney with my belly as her crystal orb. We also had Harry (decked out in Quidditch gear), Professor McGonagall, Fluffy, Norbert, and Hagrid.

halloween costumes for families harry potter


That’s it! Stay tuned in a few weeks when I’ll share the unique family Halloween costumes we managed to eek out and agree upon this year!





halloween unique ideas for families costumes

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