Our 2020 Fall Bucket List with Kids

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Fall 2020 is definitely looking a bit different from other years. Halloween will undoubtedly be different, as will all the prep that goes into it. Still, I’m determined to make this season super fun still and wanted to share our family’s 2020 fall bucket list.

Whenever I plan season activities, my priority is fun and simple. I want them to be connective for our family (I have no interest in activities that have us all running in a million different directions). And I don’t want to have to buy tons of materials or put together super elaborate crafts.

Here are a few fall activities with kids that we’re looking forward to doing over the next month!

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Pumpkin Patch + Corn Maze + Fall Festival

Fortunately, since this is an outdoor activity, it’s easy to wear masks and distance. I’m glad it something we can still include in our fall bucket list this year! After picking our pumpkins, we’ll take them home to carve and decorate. We’ll also go through the corn maze while there – a perfect activity to stay far from others – and maybe take a hay ride.

pumpkin patch and fall festival bucket list

Halloween Movie

Nothing too spooky! I think we’ll introduce our oldest to Hocus Pocus this year. We’ll also watch It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and possibly The Addams Family with the little ones. And The Room on the Broom, of course! Here’s a great list of kid-friendly Halloween movies.


Halloween Books

Speaking of The Room on the Broom, we’ll be reading that book and the others in our Halloween collection on repeat. We’ve loved our 3.5 month RV adventure, but I sure am excited to get back to our books! This one and this one are some of our top favorites (my kids adore the sequel but I prefer the original).

fall activities for kids halloween books

Do Leaf Rubbings

I’m generally not into crafts, and certainly not ones that take tons of preparation. But leaf rubbings are simple, easy, and count for the science lesson of the day. šŸ˜‰


Apple Picking

I adore fresh, crisp apples! We always go to an orchard to pick some fresh apples. I love eating them plain or with peanut butter, putting them in snacks, or making pie, of course. I’ve wanted to go to Apple Hill for a couple of years so we’re hoping to make it happen.

apple picking fall activities for families


Fall Treats

There are so many yummy fall treats! I love making homemade caramel to use as a dip for sliced apples (way better than dipping a whole apple, which is then impossible to eat). Plus, there’s apple pie and my beloved Trader Joe’s spiced apple cider.


Family Halloween Costume + Family Halloween Party

Even if Halloween looks a bit different this year, we’re still super excited to dress up with themed family Halloween costumes. See all of our costumes from the last decade right here!

In addition to dressing up, we’ve decided to have a family Halloween party. We’ll have some activities (bobbing for apples, a movie, etc.), some Halloween-ish foods (mandarin oranges with a piece of celery, bananas with mini chocolate chip eyes to become ghosts, etc.), and some treats at home.

themed family costumes for halloween


Go On A Hike With Fall Leaves

There’s just something so dreamy about being out in the fresh, crisp fall air surrounded by colorful leaves. Our hike at Grand Teton National Park last week was an explosion of color!

fall colors hike


Make Soup

Is there any more comforting food in this world than soup? I’m always so delighted when soup season hits. Here is my FAVORITE tomato soup that literally takes 5 minutes to prep, as well as a list of the best easy and hearty vegetarian soup recipes.


Go on a Fall Foliage Drive

One of the most spectacular fall drives was coming from Grand Teton National Park through the canyon to Logan, Utah. It was spectacular! Both sides of the canyon were filled with color, and a river ran through the middle. It was stunning. Even if you don’t have glorious mountain passes to drive, its super fun to drive around and spot all the colors.


What are some of your favorite fall traditions? I’d love to hear!

fall foliage drive bucket list





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  • We went to Apple Hill pre-kids when we lived in the Bay Area and I loved it! Hope you make it!

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