Best Men & Women’s Shoes for Travel

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I’ve mentioned before that we pack pretty minimally when we travel – typically only one large suitcase for our entire family of 7, along with a couple backpacks. Shoes add a lot of weight AND take up room, so we typically only travel with 2 pairs each (1 if we can get away with it). So the best shoes for travel for me need to work in a variety of circumstances, hold up well, and be super comfortable.

After traveling to 62 countries and 49 US states, I’ve tried plenty of different styles and configurations. And I’ve finally nailed down my favorite women’s travel shoes for a variety of climates/situations! I’ll also be sharing my husband’s favorite men’s travel shoes. Hint – one of his favorites is the men’s version of some of my favorites.

Read on for the best shoes for travel for men and women!

Best shoes for travel men and women

This post on learning about the best shoes for travel for women and men contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.

Best Shoes for Travel: Men and Women

Best Women’s Travel Shoes

Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Travel

My VERY favorite travel walking shoes for women just so happen to be the best everyday women’s shoes that I wear constantly at home, as well. I love these shoes because they’re super comfortable and go with everything. I’ve logged miles and miles in them and my feet are never sore. They’re the best walking shoes for Europe when you’re on cobblestone streets and on your feet all day long. I also LOVE them for other long walking days – they were the best shoes for Disneyland because they’re supportive and feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

They’re also so cute! I have (and love) the white pair, which literally go with everything. I was worried about the white getting dirty at first, but since they’re leather, they actually clean up like a dream. They’re cut low around the ankle, which makes them really flattering. I wear them with everything from jeans to my favorite travel pants to skirts and dresses. They’re so versatile!

Finally, they last for forever. I’ve had my current pair for nearly a year and after near-constant use, they’re still in almost perfect condition.

Once I found these travel walking shoes, I never went back. I always bring them because they’re comfortable, durable, and go with everything.

Available at Nordstrom, Ecco, and Nordstrom Rack


Best Women’s No Show Socks

I absolutely LOVE these socks to go along with the shoes above!! They don’t show at all but actually stay put on my feet and don’t bunch up. There’s a reason they have 14,000+ fantastic reviews!

I also super love these lightweight wool socks. They’re not quite as “no show” but pretty close, and they’re sooo comfortable. I also love that because they’re wool, they’re sustainable and can be worn multiple times without washing. Plus, it’s a family-owned business that is incredible in the community!

Eedor Women's 3/6/8 Pairs Thin No Show Socks Non Slip Flat Boat Line

Best Women’s Travel Sandals

I personally prefer a pretty low-profile sandal for everyday and for travel. These are my favorites that I’ve worn constantly for years (and that I’ve purchased for all my children). They’re not supportive, so don’t buy them if you need that. But if you love a thin, cute, comfortable, go-with-absolutely-everything sandal, like I do, these are perfect.

I love wearing them with skirts and dresses or pants or shorts. I wear them to church or to the beach. They are the most versatile shoe I own, and I like that they strap on for travel (so they won’t fly off if I’m walking quickly). They’re neutral and can go in the water but you can also wear them with a nicer outfit.

I’ve gone through several pairs over the last decade plus, and I usually get 2-3 years out of each. They’re my favorite everyday sandal and women’s travel sandal!

Best Women’s Hiking Sandals

If I know we’re going to be doing a lot of water hiking, I prefer something with more support and traction. These women’s hiking sandals are perfect for that! They’re great at gripping slippery surfaces and tromping through water.

I will say they’re not the cutest sandals in the world and definitely are heavy. So I don’t take them unless I know we’ll be doing a good bit of hiking and/or we’re driving so weight doesn’t matter as much. They’re great shoes for travel if you’re going to be doing a lot of water hiking and are not concerned about regularly moving locations with your stuff.

Best Women’s Winter Travel Boots

I purchased these boots after moving to London for the fall and winter (and honestly, 80% of the year), and they’ve been absolutely fantastic. They’re waterproof, super comfortable, go with everything (can dress up or dress down!), and have been fantastic for every trip we’ve taken.

Here’s more about all my favorite women’s winter travel shoes.

2976 Women's Leather Chelsea Boots2976 Women's Leather Chelsea Boots Dr. Martens

Best Women’s Hiking Boots

I got these waterproof women’s hiking boots a few years ago and am convinced they’re the very best, bar none. They’re so comfortable, supportive, have great grip, and are cute (for hiking boots. I’ve done many miles on them and have even worn them for just winter weather and they’ve been fully waterproof and held up fantastically. For normal travel, I’d always chose my favorite leather Chelsea boots above, but these are perfect if we’re doing more intense hiking.

Best Men’s Travel Shoes

Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Travel

Surprise – my favorite women’s travel shoes are also my husband’s favorite men’s travel shoes! There’s just something so great about the aesthetic, comfort, versatility, and durability of these. He has a gray pair, but I also love the mahogany. This color is currently on sale. They really are the very best shoes for travel for women and men!

Best Men’s Travel Sandals

While Dan used to wear these open-toed hiking sandals when we traveled, he switched to these closed-toed men’s hiking sandals about a year and a half ago and he loves them SO much more. He brought a second pair of shoes on our 2-month summer travels this year and says he honestly should’ve left the second pair home. He wore these 95% of the time and absolutely loved how comfortable and versatile they were.

That said, he did also really like these men’s walking sandals (I wear and love the women’s version) and they’re an excellent choice if you prefer an open-toed sandal. Dan broke his toe on our extended RV trip, and he wore these hiking sandals for men almost exclusively for a few weeks. They provided enough support to his toe without putting pressure on it, and enabled him to continue to walk around and explore with the rest of the family.

Best Men’s Hiking Shoes for Travel

If we are doing a good bit of hiking, or even if we’re walking in different kinds of weather (including wet weather), these men’s hiking boots are terrific. Dan has been wearing them almost exclusively since we moved to wet and rainy London and they look good with normal clothing, while still being waterproof and providing lots of grip. They’re excellent on the road or on the trail, and look nice enough to wear with jeans or other pants, or even to a religious service if needed. He’s worn them on hundreds of miles and they’re wildly comfortable. I wear and love the women’s version!

If we’re not doing tons of hiking, my husband will just bring along his favorite athletic sneakers. They work great, are comfortable, and are fairly lightweight.

Those are all our favorite shoes for travel! As I mentioned, we typically only carry 1-2 pairs with us (or perhaps 3 if we’re in the RV) and they cover most of our needs. I love having versatile and comfortable shoes when traveling!

Now it’s your turn – what shoes do you always pack when traveling?




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