The Best Travel Pants for Women (That I Also Love at Home!)

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For a long time, I’ve searched for the best travel pants for women that are comfortable, functional, versatile, and pack easily. I also want pants that I’ll love not just while traveling, but also for everyday pants! I’ve finally found the perfect pants for women that I really love and hope you love them, too!

best everyday and travel pants for women

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The Best Travel Pants for Women (That I Also Love Wearing At Home!)


These are my very favorite women’s pants for traveling as well as the most comfortable mom pants ever for everyday use. Things I love about these women’s travel pants:


1) They’re comfortable and lightweight.

This is my #1 criteria when it comes to pants I’ll take while traveling. If I’m on a long road trip or on a flight, I have no interest in wearing tight jeans. I want something that will allow me to move easily, especially if I’m chasing after little kids. These have an elastic waistband, so there’s nothing restrictive about them!

While joggers are comfortable, they can’t dress up as easily, and often get HOT! These pants are really lightweight, so they’re great travel clothing for hot weather, or they can be layered for cooler weather.


2) They’re cute.

While I, of course, want functional clothing while traveling, I also want it to look good! I don’t want to look totally sloppy. These are so cute and I love wearing them for everyday pants for women at home, as well as for travel. They’re just great pants, period.


3) They’re versatile and you can dress them up or down.

I love travel clothing for women that serves multiple purposes. These pants feel like pajamas, but look nice enough to wear with a nice blouse. (They’re great travel clothing for Europe, since joggers just don’t feel quite right to me personally when there.) The little tulip hem at the bottom is so pretty and makes it easy to dress these up! They look great with everything from my very favorite cute sneakers for women, to my all-time favorite sandals, to high heels.

As much as I think they’re the best travel pants, they’re also just some of the very best mom pants! No riding up or down, and they’re not restrictive while kneeling on the ground. How many items do you find that are among the best clothing for travel and also the best clothes for work?


4) They work for layering.

Speaking of layering as I mentioned above, these comfortable pants for women are perfect for that. Since they’re not skintight, it’s easy to layer base layers (my favorites are this top and bottom and also this top and bottom) underneath during cold weather.

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5) They pack easily.

These pants roll up like a dream so they take up very little space. They also don’t wrinkle – amazing for travel!


6) They resist dirt.

We recently visited White Sands National Park as well as Great Sand Dunes National Park. Both involved full days in the sand. I discovered that the sand literally falls right off of these pants! While I like leggings (my dearly beloved leggings right here), I find that sand tends to stick to them like crazy. These are comfortable and lightweight for hiking and dirt brushes right off. I found them to be some of the best hiking pants if you don’t like a lot of bulk!


7) They’re machine washable AND dryable (or dry quickly outside).

Lots of clothing can go in the washer. But plenty of those materials can’t go in the dryer. THESE CAN! Hallelujah. And when you don’t have access to a dryer, they dry quickly when hung outside.

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8) They have pockets.

Really, all clothing should have pockets. But especially the best travel pants. Could pants really be the best women’s travel pants if they didn’t have pockets? These are deep enough that they hold my phone just fine.


9) They have lots of colors and patterns.

I personally love the navy blue ones since they’re so versatile. (I also adore my navy floral pair that is currently out of stock.) I am also itching to get the white pair (currently on sale!) or the seersucker women’s pants!


10) I love the company!

They have a process called “re-spun” to recycle old t-shirts and give them a new life, and some of the pants are made from that process. They’re ethically made in the US by adults. They’re a small business committed to behaving well. They ensure great quality and you can return anything for up to 365 days.


There you have it – my very favorite travel pants for women, that are also basically the best women’s pants in general. Let me know if you get a pair – I’d love to hear if you love them, too!







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