Our Birthday Gift For An 8 Year Old Girl

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My oldest daughter is turning EIGHT today! Eight somehow seems so much older than seven, doesn’t it? It’s like they’re suddenly an older kid and in upper elementary. She’s always been a bit of an old soul, though, so I’m delighted to see how she blossoms at this age. I wanted to make the day special and fun with a birthday gift for an 8 year old girl, especially since we’re not at home to celebrate.

I’ve mentioned before with my kiddo who just turned three (definitely birthday season around here!) that I don’t like to do too many physical presents. Our daughter isn’t a big stuff person, and doesn’t play with tons of toys. She’s my kiddo who is the least into tinkering, but loves arts and crafts. (And those kinds of 8 year old birthday gifts are enjoyable and consumable – better for me!) She also is super into games, so I knew I had to add one of those in!

I love sneaking in an educational item or two (great for distance learning and homeschooling). Those will be great gifts for an 8 year old girl for our homeschool curriculum, and perfect for her to do independently or with her siblings.

Here are our favorite STEM homeschool toys!

Here are the birthday gifts for our 8 year old daughter – I hope they give you some simple and educational 8 year old birthday gift ideas!


8 year old girl birthday gift Ideas


Birthday Gift for An 8 Year Old Girl

This post about 8 year old girl gifts contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.



This is always the part that I’m most excited about – and I hope my kids are, too. We’re so excited to spend the day in Rocky Mountain National Park! We’ll plan to take the Trail Ridge Road and do the Tundra Communities Trail (her one birthday request was to play in snow, which I think will happen with the recent snowfall!). We’ll also check out the Sheep Lakes Overlook and try out stand up paddleboarding and playing at the beach at Grand Lake. Then the next day, we’ll hike the Emerald Lake Trail, and possibly the Bear Lake Trail and Alberta Falls.

We’ll camp in the park the night of her birthday – she’s already asked for a candle in a s’more. 😉 We’ll also pick up some macarons – her favorite – before heading into the park. It’s going to be perfect for our girl who loves hiking, camping, swimming, and snow!


Skillmatics Games

I always like throwing in something that’s educational and still super fun, and these Skillmatics games seemed perfect. I loved that this bundle of two sets of games includes questions about animals as well as cities around the world. Perfect for our family that loves global education and a great 8 year old birthday present.



Wood Art Set + Sketchbook

Art supplies are generally communal in our home. Since our daughter loves making beautiful crafts, though, I thought it would be a perfect 8 year old birthday gift to have her own beautiful wooden set with oil pastels, colored pencils, watercolors, and more. And of course she needed a sketchbook to go with it!





I always love giving a book as a birthday gift. And picture books are great even for elementary schoolers who are strong readers. While my daughter usually reads chapter books to herself, we both love a good and beautiful picture book. I love the message of inspiration, grit, and empowerment in this one. And it’s a perfect addition to our diverse and inclusive children’s bookshelf.

I don’t purchase chapter books nearly as often as I do picture books, since we don’t read them over and over the same way. Still, we love having copies of ones we really love. I’m giving her her own copy of a favorite of hers, as well as a classic we haven’t read before!




As I mentioned, our daughter is super into games. She really loved Cover Your Assets in the past (and also loves Codenames), so I thought this game would be a perfect new addition. It has fantastic reviews and I can’t wait to try it out with her. It’ll also be great for rainy days in the RV. A great 8 year old girl birthday gift!


Necklace & Earrings

When we were at Mesa Verde National Park last week, there was a little shop with Native American men selling beautiful handicrafts. I couldn’t resist supporting them and picking up a lovely turquoise and silver necklace and earrings set for her. Here are similar ones!


Baptism Gifts

In our church, children can choose whether they’d like to be baptized when they are 8 years old. As she’s deciding, we wanted to support her efforts to receive direction in her life.

She recently finished reading the Book of Mormon on her own, so we got her a set of her own leather scriptures with her name on them. We also got her a pretty scripture case, a scripture marker, page markers, a scripture princess coloring book, and a pretty rainbow necklace to remind her to choose and recognize goodness whatever her path.


That’s it! Simple and sweet and educational and fun 8 year old girl gifts. I’d love to hear – what’s your favorite birthday gift for an 8 year girl or boy? I’ll have another kiddo turning 8 in a couple years so I’ll take all the ideas I can get!







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