Our 9 Year Old Girl Birthday Gifts

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Our older daughter is 9!! It’s a little wild to me that she only has one more year before she hits double digits. In some ways, it felt tricky to find some terrific 9 year old girl birthday gifts.

She’s never really been very into toys or dolls, and it definitely seems like she’s aging out of interest in that kind of thing. She LOVES art but has quite a few craft supplies (the beautiful set from last year is still going strong and was a big hit). And while she really enjoys board games, it feels like we have more fantastic ones than we have time to regularly play. So I was struggling a bit.

Finally, we decided to focus on a special experience, along with a few smaller things that she could use for her birthday gifts for a 9 year old. I can’t wait to make her feel special!

Ice Skating Lessons

K is my kiddo who loves ice skating. So when she asked if there are any public rinks open to go on her birthday (there aren’t), I decided to look into lessons. It turns out there are some in our town! It’s only 12 sessions, so it’s not an enormous commitment, but enough to let her explore this interest. I think she’ll be really excited.

Harry Potter T-Shirt

This 9 year old birthday gift is perfect for a Harry Potter lover – which she definitely is. This shirt is so cute and obvious as a Harry Potter joke but a little bit on the inside. This Harry Potter t-shirt definitely runs small, so I got one size up.

A Terrific Book

K is a very strong reader (she reads easily 4-5 grades above grade level) and also LOVES to read. This also means that a) it’s tricky to keep her in books and b) it’s tricky finding books that are appropriate content-wise for a 3rd grader, but still engaging and a bit challenging.

We love Erin Entrada Kelly but haven’t yet read this book of hers. I think it will be just perfect for my girlie who loves a touch of the mystical.

Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

Wool Base Layers

We use base layers ALL the time – they’re incredible for travel, especially wool. We love them in the winter for layering or as pajamas, and they work great in mild temperatures, too. K especially loves them even as leggings or to wear under nightgowns. Wool is the most versatile and travel-friendly, in my opinion, since it’s naturally soft and odor-resistant.

K’s pair has giant holes in the knees so it was definitely time for a new pair. This is the set we got (top and bottom).

Native American Earrings

On our big RV trip this summer, we stopped by an indigenous-run shop in Minnesota. I found some lovely earrings handcrafted by native individuals from nearby communities. I was excited to get started early on planning and also support the shop.

Mini Pinata

These silly mini pinatas seriously bring my kids so much joy. For $4 plus a bit of candy, it’s one of our favorite birthday traditions.

I’d love to hear if you have any great ideas for birthday gifts for an 8 year old girl, too!

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