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I’m thrilled to announce the STRINGS FOR KIDS fall sale – use the code HAPPY FALL for 15% off through Monday, September 20th!

What Is Strings For Kids?

Strings For Kids is an online, introductory violin course for young children ages 4-8. It consists of 20 short, fun prerecorded lessons to help kids master violin basics before committing to a private instructor.

Having been a student for over 30 years, a violin teacher for nearly 20 years, and a parent of a violinist for over 7 years, I’ve seen the early learning process from a lot of directions. And I’ve consistently found a few pain points! Here’s how I designed Strings For Kids to help with each of them.

Benefits of Strings For Kids

Lengthy Lessons

Anyone who has ever met a 4 year old before knows that the chances of them being ready to participate in a full 30-minute lesson are slim to none. But almost no teachers offer shorter lessons because it just isn’t logistically or financially feasible.

Strings For Kids lessons start at only 5 minutes long and work up to about 20 minutes. So once your child has mastered these fundamentals and is ready for a private instructor, they’ll be ready to jump into succeed in a full lesson (and you don’t feel like you’re throwing away money for half the time).


Violin lessons are expensive, especially when you’re not sure if your child is going to commit for a long period of time. Plus, it typically takes several months to master the basics of bow and instrument hold, along with basic pitch and rhythm. As important as it is to master those fundamentals, it can feel tough to continue paying for lessons when your child needs to practice the same skills over and over for a while.

Strings For Kids is about equivalent to the average cost of 2 months of violin lessons, with material that typically takes about 3-4 months to master. That way, your child can take their time really getting comfortable with those fundamentals without feeling pressured to move on before they are ready. You pay one set price without the risk and pressure of paying tons more if your child needs more time to get comfortable with the basics.

Forgetting Lesson Instructions

Every teacher has had a child come to a lesson having completely forgotten what happened the week before. Even with writing down notes, it’s hard for a young child to remember everything to do, especially when so much is visual.

The Strings For Kids lessons are perfect for new beginners because you can watch the videos as many times as you’d like! If you forget something while practicing, it’s easy to pull up the video and watch it again. You can even practice along with the lesson every day if you’d like!

You can read more about Strings For Kids and purchase the course RIGHT HERE – be sure to use the code HAPPY FALL for 15% off through Monday, September 20th!

Strings For Kids Mission

It’s my hope that Strings For Kids provides a way for more families to consider violin lessons and to work it into their routine. I hope it makes it easy, straightforward, and cost-effective. I hope it breaks down barriers for those who may have a harder time getting started due to lack of knowledge, money, or time.

I hope Strings For Kids makes playing the violin more accessible to families from all backgrounds.

Do you have any questions? I’m happy to help however I can!

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