Best 3 Year Old Girl Birthday Gifts

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Baby M is three years old! At 3, she’s spunky, funny, independent, affectionate, and helpful. She’s wildly verbal, which makes it so fun to have conversations with her. She’s an absolute delight! We loved a day of fun activities and 3 year old girl birthday gifts.

We loved giving her a special day where we went to our local tiny amusement park & zoo, and had her choice of Thai food and a milkshake for dinner. Her siblings spoiled her with lots of homemade cards & crafts, like a flying car, a paper play house, a bead bracelet & homemade Mad Libs, a homemade unicorn horn to wear and origami unicorn, and more. Such a delightful day!

Here are the 3 year old girl presents we got our favorite little gal.

Experience: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show

M’s experience gift is an evening to see The Very Hungry Caterpillar performance with the Palo Alto Children’s Theater. Dan and I took her to see the Nutcracker there in December and we loved it. She still talks about it, and was so excited to recognize a poster advertising their next main show, The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I think she’ll love this one, too!

Main Gift: Earrings + Ear Piercing

M has been asking to get her ears pierced for months now. We told her if she truly wanted to, she could have it done when she turned 3, which is when her older sister got hers pierced.

We also got her this adorable pair of earrings to wear when she gets them pierced. They are all hypoallergenic, small for little kiddos, and have a comfort screw back so the post doesn’t poke. M was ridiculously delighted by the unicorns and can’t wait to put them on.

Unicorn Purse

Are you seeing a theme here? Haha, M is definitely into unicorns right now, and is always trying to borrow her older sister’s purses to carry all her little things around. So we figured this darling pom pom unicorn purse was the perfect thing. She thought it was so fun and was so happy that it was so soft.

Elephant & Piggie Biggie Book

The only thing better than an Elephant & Piggie book is multiple Elephant & Piggie books in one! The “Biggie” volumes contain multiple stories. I think it will be a delight reading through them together@ The first volume is also a very reasonable price and I’m excited to have a few of these stories available in our home.

M also got a few gifts from others. Here’s what she got!

From Grandparents: Rainbow Scratch Paper Books

M had never done scratch art before, and she was so excited by the rainbow colors underneath! It’s a little complex for her to do the stencils on her own, but she was very into it and she and I worked together on some of the trickier ones.

From Aunt, Uncle, & Cousins: Farm Puzzle

From Family Friends: Those Darn Squirrels Book

Books are forever the best gifts, and this one is no exception. I love Adam Rubin and Daniel Salmieri but hadn’t read this book before, and it’s both sweet and funny. We all loved reading it together!

Have you celebrated any 3 year olds lately? I’d love to hear about any favorite 3 year old girl gifts you’ve loved – we still have one more kiddo who will turn 3 in a couple years!



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  • Hi Preethi,
    Lovely blog , I totally relate as parents the most difficult job is choose a special gift for our young ones for their special day. Your gift ideas are amazing will surely pen them down and select few for my daughter as well. I really liked the ear piece gift idea, I also did the same when she was 3.

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