100+ Consumable Gifts for Kids 2020

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For the last several years, we’ve done consumable gifts and experience gifts for our kids’ big holiday present. With lots of little kids, I feel like we have more than enough toys and activities and don’t need much more. We’ll still do a game or educational activity we can do as a family (and books, of course!), but I really prefer to gift experiences and consumable items when possible.

I’m sharing 50+ ideas for gifts that can be used creatively and consumed, but won’t sit around your house for forever. They also won’t put a bunch of plastic in landfills once you’re done using them. And stay tuned for lots of experience gift ideas coming soon!

I love that these creative gifts allow hours of independent or group play and also get used up. I hope they’re helpful for you, too!

best consumable gifts and art supplies for kids

This post about consumable gifts for kids 2020 contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.

Best Art Kits For Kids

Art kits are a wonderful way to have all the materials you need in one shot, without having to purchase a bunch of individual items. It gives you the right proportions so you don’t have a ton extra of one thing. They make great gifts or are perfect for pulling out for a creative, indoor day.

Some of these are completely consumable, while others have reusable supplies or supplies to make little gifts to give away. These are some of our favorites!

  • Bead Pets
    • Someone got these for one of our kiddos’ birthdays this year and he has loved making them for his siblings and friends!
  • Spirograph
    • Such a classic and perfect for making design after design.
  • Wood Burning Kit
    • This is perfect for a careful older child. So unique and fun – I may get this for my 10 year old!
  • Paint Your Own Tea Set
    • While you do end up with a thing at the end of this, it’s SO fun for open-ended play. And it’s even better that your child can decorate it themselves – it’s a fun and creative project PLUS an imagination-stroking toy!
  • String Art
  • Magnetic Mini Tile Art
    • This is one of those gifts that we always have in a bin on hand for birthdays or other events. It’s such a fun one for multiple ages!
  • Flower Necklaces
  • Aquarellum
    • This is a fun way to learn about revealing a picture and mixing paints.
  • Diamond Art
  • Mosaic Stickers
    • These use fun little foam stickers to create fun (like dinos) designs. These sparkly ones are on sale for about $10 for a pack of 12!
  • Art Set
    • We gave this set to our daughter for her 8th birthday and she has been in LOVE with it ever since. It’s so nice to have everything beautifully contained so she can carry her supplies outside or to a different room in the house or in the RV.
  • Rock Painting Kit
    • Such a fun way to decorate some outdoor treasures!
  • All in One Craft Set
    • This is perfect if you want to create a nice, open-ended foundation for a craft area!
  • Coloring with Clay
    • A fun mix of textures – so fun to create 3D designs!
  • Learn to Sew Kit
    • I taught my older kids how to sew a button this summer, and I was surprised how much they loved it! This is great for teaching some basics.
  • 3D Paint Puzzle
    • This one is great for a younger child. You can help with the puzzle, and they will love doing the painting!
  • Sequin Art
    • Who can resist how beautiful and shiny these are?
  • Paper Maker
  • Rainbow Scratch Paper
    • More paper, except this kind allows you to scratch it off with the included wooden stylus to reveal beautiful colors underneath! My kids have loved the mini versions of these that they’ve gotten from birthday party favors.
  • Sand Art
    • Perfect for a kid that likes to be exact in their designs.

Best Science Sets for Kids

Best Craft Supplies for Kids – How To Create an Art Cart or Art Corner at Home

We go through craft supplies like crazy over at our house. I love that they’re accessible for my kids to inspire creativity and imagination. These are all great as stocking stuffers, wrapped up together, or you could set them all up in as a craft station for a big impact holiday gift.

This art cart has been great for containing many of the supplies; it’s WAY sturdier than this style that we had in the past. It’s reasonably priced and has held up great. I love having a dedicated art area for all our supplies and for homework! Even though we don’t have a full art room, I love that we have an art corner in our playroom.

We also love these cups on hooks, as well as this bookshelf for books, craft kits, paper, etc. We also have this rug (with this rug pad) in that area, as well. Our table is out of stock, but this one is similar! I also love having a hanging wall file to contain papers. Don’t forget a trash can!

Ideas for Kids Consumable Gifts: Crafts

Best Fun Activity Books

Find lots more suggestions in our Educational Activity Books for Kids post!

Consumable Food Gifts for Kids

  • Candy
    • Chocolate (fancy or regular) or gummy
  • Cheese
    • My kids are obsessed with brie!
  • Fancy Sprinkles
  • Hot chocolate or herbal tea
    • Perfect for a tea party! My kids love peppermint the most.
  • Baking Set
    • This one even has a turntable for a kiddo who likes to make cakes!
  • Sparkling Water
    • Anyone else have kids obsessed with fizzy water? I’m thinking I’ll stick one of these in each of their stockings.
  • Homemade Goodies
    • This could be anything from a favorite cookie to salted caramel sauce to homemade root beer. The sky’s the limit!
  • S’mores Kit
    • My kids would love this!!
  • Pizza Gift Card

Personal Care Gifts For Kids

  • Bath Bomb
  • Body Wash + Loofah
    • This is my FAVORITE body wash that’s perfect for all ages, even little babies. It’s great for sensitive skin, smells amazing, and lasts forever. Pair it with a loofah in a favorite color.
  • Bubble Bath
    • Always a hit!
  • Bath Crayons or Finger Paint
    • Bath time becomes an activity with bath crayons or paint that easily washes away when you’re done. Perfect for long winter days when you’re stuck inside!
  • Colored Bath Tablets
    • These make bath time so fun since they turn the water colors!
  • Lotion
    • My kids always get super dry skin in the wintertime so it’s nice to have some good lotion available. I love this one that goes along with the body wash for a consistent and relaxing scent. This all-over ointment is also great, and my toddler especially loves getting lotion put on him after a bath.
  • Lip Balm
    • Why are kids so obsessed with lip balm? I’ll never know, but this is always the BIGGEST hit in our kids’ stockings. Bonus points if they’re fun flavors.
  • Mini Hand Sanitizer
    • Anything mini is automatically fun, and hand sanitizer is especially useful right now. Get one with a cute cover to attach to a backpack.
  • Candles
  • Nail Polish (or certificate for a manicure)

Other Consumable Gifts for Kids

  • Personalized Stationery
    • This is a great way to practice some writing skills!
  • Personalized Book Labels
    • How cute are these little book labels? Perfect for labeling books and helping develop a love for them!
  • Address Stamper
    • Perfect to go along with the stationery to encourage letter writing to grandparents, relatives, or friends!

Have you done any of these for gifts before? I’d love to hear how it went!

100+ consumable gifts for kids



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