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With entire countries wisely practicing social distancing and facing lots of school closures, it can feel scary to even leave the house. Here are 65+ ideas of things to do outside with kids that are at home while still staying away from crowds.
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We’re on day 3 of school closures and I am FEELING the need to still move our bodies. For as much as we love to travel, I also tend to be a bit of a homebody. So while sheltering in place and practicing lots of social distancing, it’s all too easy to just never leave the house or be physical. That’s not good for anyone. We’re all craving some things to do outside with kids to keep us sane!

While we all want to ensure we’re distancing from others, it’s still really important to get fresh air and movement. Many of these outdoor activities with kids can be done right from your own backyard if you’re lucky enough to have one. For the outdoor activities that require leaving your home, or for those families who don’t have private outdoor space, just make sure to stay far from other people and any sort of crowds when in a public outdoor space. Here are 65+ ideas for things to do outside with kids with kids during school closures!

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65+ Things To Do Outside with Kids at Home

Please note any group outdoor activities should only be performed with members of your immediate household to ensure safe social distancing.
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  1. Throw and catch pop flies
  2. Play basketball (or this one for little kids)
  3. Outdoor yoga
  4. Go on a walk around the block (and stay away from neighbors)
  5. Climb a tree
  6. Go on a jog
  7. Do a series of circuit training exercises like jumping jacks and lunges
  8. Hula hoop
  9. Go puddle jumping
  10. Keep hitting a balloon up in the air
  11. Play music on your phone and have a dance party
  12. Build an backyard fort with cardboard boxes
  13. Play two square or four square
  14. Have a water balloon fight
  15. Jump rope
  16. Bounce a tennis ball
  17. Jump on a trampoline
  18. Go on a hike on a quiet and secluded trail
  19. Make bird feeders
  20. Ride bikes/scooters around the neighborhood
  21. Play badminton
  22. Take a walk through a cloistered cemetery
  23. Play or read in a backyard hanging tent
  24. See how far you can free jump
  25. Set up a slip n slide
  26. Do some gardening
  27. Play frisbee
  28. Bocce ball
  29. Run through sprinklers
  30. Play with a hackey sack
  31. Giant Jenga
  32. Create a backyard obstacle course
  33. Skip rocks and feed ducks at a quiet pond
  34. Do some backyard bowling
  35. Do an egg-and-spoon race
  36. Red light, green light
  37. Set up a skills ladder
  38. Balloon tennis
  39. Hunt for bugs
  40. Chase bubbles
  41. Do some backyard painting
  42. Hopscotch
  43. Set up an egg drop contest
  44. Wash the car
  45. Make a backyard movie
  46. Go bouldering/climb rocks in a deserted area
  47. Create a gymnastics routine
  48. Make and fly paper airplanes
  49. Set up a slackline
  50. Have a cartwheel contest
  51. Practice martial arts with an online course
  52. Do a backyard science project
  53. Learn how to juggle
  54. Set up an easy-to-store racetrack
  55. Visit a deserted beach
  56. Have a backyard picnic
  57. Go tide pooling if there’s a quiet area
  58. Play with a parachute
  59. Liquid limbo
  60. Go on a nature photo scavenger hunt in a secluded area
  61. Make backyard s’mores
  62. Run around a track (if it’s empty)
  63. Play croquet
  64. Walk around and play I Spy
  65. Fly a kite
  66. Do sidewalk chalk (you can even take lines with duct tape to make a design like this)


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