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free online craft classes

Cheap is great, but free is even better. Read on to find out how to take over 100 online craft classes in baking, photography, sewing and more – for FREE!

I’m a big fan of online courses. With little kids at home, our schedule is often all over the place with sports, school activities, and extracurriculars. it can feel tough to commit to a regular class outside of home. Which is why when I heard about BluPrint as a way to get access to tons of online craft classes for FREE, I was sold.

BluPrint has a huge variety of online classes in all sorts of crafty endeavors that are taught by experts in their fields. I’m talking everything from cooking and baking classes to embroidery classes to woodworking classes to photography classes. Read on to learn how to take a bunch of their online classes completely for free (no credit card required)!


Why We Love Online Classes

Especially with so many people staying home right now, online classes are extremely popular. Even in our normal lives, though, we love online classes for kids and adults. It makes scheduling so much easier when we don’t have to drive somewhere or plan around other activities. And it’s even better when we can take the classes anytime we want!


Why BluPrint Online Classes Are Great for Families

While there are a few different online class platforms, BluPrint really focuses on the arts and crafts (including cooking/baking) and excels in those categories. This makes it a great option for families! I love that it really emphasizes creative endeavors.

While the classes are geared toward adults, kids can definitely join in on quite a few of them, as well. My 9 and 7 year olds really enjoyed taking this birthday card making class. There’s even a whole section with classes specifically for families.

Since there’s such a wide variety of classes, they’re great for date nights, afternoon quiet time for kids, or family weekend activities. They’re also a perfect alternative when you need a bit of screen time to occupy kids during dinner prep or work time! And while we haven’t used them while traveling yet, I imagine they would be excellent if you’re traveling full-time or just want to do some fun learning while away from home.

Some categories I’ve been wanting some more teaching that BluPrint has classes for are:



HEALTH & FITNESS (I love that they have dance and yoga!)

WOODWORKING (Dan is a big fan and I’d love to learn some so we could do it together on a date night!)

free online photography classes


How Much Does BluPrint Cost?

BluPrint has a few different pricing options. You can purchase unlimited access to the classes for $7.99/month, or you can buy an annual subscription for $79.99. BUT all classes are currently 50% off, which also applies to the annual subscription. So for the time being, you can purchase an annual subscription for ALL 3,000+ hours of classes for only $39.99!

Considering we’ve taken many classes that have cost $40 for just one person for just one class, $39.99 for an entire year of classes is a screaming deal. Even many drop-in fitness classes are $10-20 for just one session. This way, you can have access for the whole year for under $40.

Unlock EVERY class! Get 50% off Classes


How to Get BluPrint Online Classes for FREE

While $39.99 for a year-long subscription is a pretty darn good deal, free is even better. So I was thrilled when my friend (who loves a good deal as much as I do) told me BluPrint has a “Preview” function that allows you to watch over 100 classes completely FREE (be sure to click on that instead of the Free Trial, which will ask for a credit card). You just sign up, no credit card required. You don’t even need to worry about canceling the trial so you don’t get charged!

Confusingly, the free classes still have prices listed under them, but just click through and you’ll be able to watch them without any charges. I’m looking forward to watching this one on Professional Family Photos next.


Have you taken an online class before? I’d love to hear which class appeals to you the most!


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