100+ At Home Date Night Ideas

Tight finances, new babies, or various health issues can make it hard to head out of the house on a date. Here are 100+ at home date night ideas to help you connect at home!
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at home date night ideas

We’ve experienced quite a few different phases of marriage. We’ve lived near and far from family, been tight on finances while still finishing school, and have brought home five little babies. Because of this, we’ve had a number of times when we’ve relied on at home date night ideas to stay connected and close.

The next few weeks (months?) surely will mean a lot of family togetherness as we’re all confined to home. But sometimes all that togetherness means the time we do have together isn’t very intentional! Especially if you have kids at home, it might feel impossible to connect before you’re exhausted at the end of the day.

That’s why intentional date nights have become so important for us. Even when we’re in a phase when we can’t leave home – whether because of sheltering in place, a new baby, or tight finances – we try to find time to regularly and purposefully connect. Here are over 100 at home date night ideas you can do right from the comfort of your own home. And most of them are totally FREE!

Happy dating!

100 at home date night ideas

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Learning & Cultural At Home Date Nights


Travel Dates at Home


Connective and Romantic At Home Dates

  • Write each other letters
  • Or, better yet, write together in a Love Journal!
  • Give each other massages and facials
  • Look through your wedding album
  • Interview each other about your childhoods
  • Take a personality test
  • Do some family history

sports date at home

Artsy & Creative At Home Date Night Ideas

  • Use paint markers to decorate mugs
  • Do a home decoration or renovation project
  • Create photo or sketch portraits of each other
  • Learn how to knit
  • Do watercolor paintings
  • Watch a drawing tutorial online
  • Take a lettering course
  • Pot some indoor (or backyard) plants
  • Sing songs or play instruments
  • Watch the Great British Bake Off and replicate one of their creations
  • Make homemade paper and write letters to loved ones
  • Color in an adult coloring book together
  • Make something out of modeling clay
  • Do some home organization or hang some artwork
  • Make different playlists – work out, driving to the beach, etc.


Games to Play for a Date Night at Home

  • Do a puzzle
  • Build with your kids’ toys (LEGOs, anyone?)
  • Put together an Erector set
  • Play a game (THIS is one of our favorites that can just be played with 2 people, here’s one to connect, or here’s a whole list of great games for couples!)
  • Play Minute to Win It
  • Do karaoke
  • Record a Tik Tok
  • Play the newlywed game


Home Date Nights that Get You Moving

  • Have a dance party
  • Practice meditation
  • Move your bodies to an active virtual game
  • Play basketball or catch in your yard, or try indoor basketball with a trash can
  • Play croquet in the backyard
  • Do a circuit training challenge, such as with how many sit ups or push ups in a minute
  • Have an indoor or backyard camp out
  • Take an online social dance class
  • Go on a scavenger hunt in your house
  • Play badminton in the backyard
  • Use some pillows and old t-shirts to sumo wrestle
  • Set up a slackline
  • SLEEP…or more than sleep
  • Do yoga or an online aerobics class together
  • Play indoor mini golf


Home Date Night Ideas with Screens

  • Watch reruns of an old favorite show (or a childhood show!)
  • Play a video game
  • Do a video call double date
  • Project a movie in the backyard (we love our projector!)
  • Buy birthday gifts for family and friends

cooking date night at home

Dessert & Dinner At Home Date Night Ideas

  • Create a cheeseboard
  • Homemade pizza
  • Do a taste test of at least 3 of the same type of food (root beer, cheese, chocolates, etc.)
  • Create a meal from a place you have visited or want to visit
  • Grab 5 ingredients for each other from around the house and make something with them
  • Homemade pasta
  • Make your own sushi
  • Do a Spanish tapas night
  • Get one burger from 3-4 different places and taste test them
  • Meal plan and create a grocery list for the next month
  • Bake a pie
  • Have fondue
  • Make specialty popcorn and watch a movie
  • Have a fancy candlelight dinner
  • Make s’mores in a backyard fire pit or over the stove
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Have an indoor picnic
  • Get takeout from a fancy restaurant
  • Make freezer meals for the week or for a friend in need
  • Eat sweet cereal for dinner
  • Perfect your go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe
  • Taste test different percentages of chocolate and make hot cocoa with them (white hot chocolate is unique and fun!)







at home date nights 100 ideas


100 at home date night ideas

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