20 Simple Summer Service Ideas for Kids

Do you want to help your kids think outside of themselves through serving others this summer? Here’s a chart with some simple summer service ideas for kids that will make thinking of other people natural and fun!

Is there anything better than summer as a kid? Freedom, fun, and unlimited popsicles. It’s finally a time to do a little more of what YOU want as a kid!

But as a parent, are you with me in wanting kids to not become completely self-absorbed over summer break? It’s important to me that my kids recognize that summer is absolutely meant for fun in the sun and exciting activities and adventures. But there are many who lack the same privileges they do. I feel strongly about providing opportunities for my kids to perform simple acts of service during their break.

Of course, there are many who have serious issues with money and jobs and homes. But there are also lots of people out there who may just feel lonely, there’s an earth that could use a bit of TLC, and there are family members who could use a little love. There are so many service ideas out there, so I like to narrow it down into something visual and attainable for my kids to help them remember to serve others in the middle of their summer fun.

This simple chart has 20 simple service ideas for kids that you can use however suits your family. Make it a whole family project – print it big and let individuals color in or X out squares as they do them. Or make it an individual effort where each person can do each of the small acts of service. Or use it as a BINGO chart – first one to finish a row gets a prize!

I hope this helps you and your kids add some simple acts of service into your summer!

Need some more ideas? This webpage has lots of great service ideas for kids! If you’re interested in other summer goals for kids, HERE is a list of what our family does. And HERE are 270+ easy summer activity ideas, too!


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