Summer Goals for Kids: Make Learning Fun!

Are you hoping to add a bit of structure to your summer with some summer goals for kids? Do you want your kids to have lots of free play, but also learn to set and accomplish goals? Do you want to encourage summer learning for kids? Here’s how our family uses summertime to have fun and learn along the way!

summer fun goal setting for kids

I really love summer with kids. It gives us time to explore and learn outside of a classroom. It helps us connect with one another and with the world around us through exploring first-hand and through reading a gazillion books. I love bare feet and wet swimsuits. I love picnicking outside with sticky peach-juice hands grabbing my shirt (jk, I loathe that and go through baby wipes like they’re going out of style).

Why I Put Together Summer Fun Club for my Kids

It’s also important to me that my kids not JUST goof off over the summer. Of course, I want them to have plenty of unstructured play time, both outside and inside. But I also want them to remember that learning is FUN! I want to help them learn to set and accomplish feasible summer goals for kids. I want them to be delighted by all the opportunities to gain knowledge and expand their minds and strengthen their bodies.

What is Summer Fun Club?

Summer Fun Club was my answer to helping my kids choose structured, attainable summer goals. It’s intended to help them LOVE to learn, and be excited and ready for the classroom next year. I put together a version of this two summers ago, and modeled it after a similar chart my friend made. We were in Europe all last summer, so our adventures and learnings looked a bit different then. But since we’re mostly exploring at home this summer, I’m excited to take advantage of connection and learning opportunities.

We worked together to create a set of goals divided into a few categories: Physical, Life Skills/Service, Academic, Arts, and Fun. You can structure it however you like, of course. The kids are also expected to do their normal Family Economy lists (get ready, daily simple chore, music practice, etc.). At the end of the summer, our kids earn one special date of their choice – any activity, any meal, any treat. They get SO excited for this.

Create Your Own Customized Summer Kid Goals

This is absolutely not intended to dictate how you should structure your summer. Rather, I’m sharing the guidelines and template for kid goals that have been fun and useful to our family. I’m pasting a photo of it so you can see what it looks like, and also including a LINK to a Google doc where you can save and edit your own copy. Feel free to use it and modify as much as you’d like.

And if you’re looking for more summer activity ideas, I have a list of 270+ simple suggestions along with a printable right HERE. And here’s a link for our easy SUMMER SERVICE CLUB!

Happy summer!

GOOGLE DOC LINK (To save your own copy, go to File > Make a Copy and save your own personal copy that you can edit however you like.)

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