270+ Easy Things to Do in Summer with Kids

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Are you wondering what summer activities to do with kids? Here’s a list of 270+ simple things to do with kids this summer that will provide hours of entertainment and fun all season long.

We have exactly one forbidden word in our house: “bored.” The world has so many interesting things to do and learn! As far as I’m concerned, the biggest issue is that summer is far too short to do all the fun things with kids available to us.

Doing a summer camp or two can be great, but I love having my kids home for family time. The school year gets so busy that I love using vacation to have time for family activities!

Easy Things to Do in Summer with Kids featured by top US family travel blog, Local Passport Family: go to the beach

List of Things to Do in the Summer with Kids

It’s always hard for me to remember good activity ideas off the top of my head. So I compiled a list of 250+ easy summer activities for kids by category. Many of these are free activities, while a few are paid. There are indoor activities at home and out and about, as well as lots of outdoor activities. I included ways to get kids involved in the community. There are kid art projects and parties for kids to host and even outside-the-box screen suggestions. I even have a section for service ideas for kids!

I love picking a few of the goals to put into a home summer camp. (I’ll show you what we do later this week.) But you can use the list however you’d like! Keep an eye out later this week for a fun and easy way to check off each of the categories. As a special bonus, I’ll also have a great printable for summer global learning with kids!

Be sure to check your city’s website for specific activity ideas for each category. Many cities, such as Philadelphia and San Jose have webpages dedicated to activity ideas and things to do in summer with kids and families. And if you’re traveling, go peek at the Destinations section on our site to see if we have suggestions!


Summer Activities Printable


This is not intended to be a bucket list to check off during a single summer – there are way too many ideas for that (unless you are superhuman, in which case, WHOA). Rather, it’s intended to give you a plethora of suggestions from which to choose, so you and your kids can pick something that sounds fun when you’re at a loss for ideas.

Click HERE and HERE for a FREE printable of things to do in the summer with kids. Hang it up on your fridge for activity ideas all season long!

I hope this list of summer activities ideas with kids brings you hours of fun and relaxation! And if you’re looking to help your kids also set and accomplish some summer goals, HERE is what our family does!

Easy Things to Do in Summer with Kids featured by top US family travel blog, Local Passport Family: go to the beach

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