Fun Summer Activities Chart for Kids (Printable!)

Do you want to make time for a variety of fun summer activities for kids this year? Do you want to squeeze in some extra family fun during these warm days? Here’s a FREE printable to help you get out, explore, and connect with your family, and track your progress along the way!

fun summer activities for kids coloring chart free printable

If you’ve been here for any amount of time, you know I love connecting with my people through exploring, and inspiring others to do the same. Summer is one of my favorite times to do that. We get to take advantage of long days, warm evenings, open schedules, and lots of outdoor time to just BE with each other. I always have a whole pile of fun summer activities with kids I hope to do!

Printable Fun Summer Activities for Kids Chart (FREE!)

Last week, I shared a list of 270+ easy and fun things to do with kids this summer. Today, I’m excited to share a FREE printable summer activities chart. It takes the categories in that list and turns them into a fun and engaging chart your kids will love. It’s a great way to keep track of what you’ve done so far, or to add some diversity into your fun summer activities. For us, sometimes doing something new and outside our comfort zone is the best way to grow closer to each other.

I’ve been considering this project for months, and had a vague idea of how I wanted it to look. But anyone who knows me knows I don’t have an artistic bone in my body. So I reached out to Betsy of Betsy Goodman Design, and she was a delight to work with. Creative, fast, and caught my sloppy vision right from the start. She does gorgeous lettering work, and I love how she incorporated it into this project.

How to Use the Summer Activities Printable

I love how versatile this chart is. It includes each of the categories from the list of activities and gives you a bunch of options for how to track them. The list and chart work hand in hand (or HERE is a separate place you can print just the service activities if that is your focus).

There are lots of ways to actually use the fun summer activities chart. You can color it in as you complete activities, or do it all at once. Another option is to color the letters/icons, then finish the puzzle piece when you’ve completed the category. Or you can add stickers each time you do something in that category. You could cut out the pieces like a puzzle and stick them on as you finish. Or you could write in the activities you want to do within a category and highlight them when completed. The possibilities are endless!

You can download the Fun Summer Activities for Kids Printable for free HERE. I called my local Office Depot and they printed a giant engineering print for me for under $4. Or if you’d rather have a smaller copy, HERE is the 8.5″x11″ version that you can print on your home printer.

I hope you find something new and fun to help you connect with your people this summer!

fun summer activities chart for kids FREE printable

summer activities for kids printable chart

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