30 Questions to Ask a Stay-at-Home-Parent (that aren’t just about the kids)

In our family during this particular season, my husband is working out of the home, and I am home with the kids. We’ve done it a few different ways in the past – me in grad school, working part-time, etc., but this is what is working for us for now.
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I like to try to stay up-to-date on a couple of my husband’s projects at work, as well as his supervisors and coworkers. That makes it relatively straightforward to ask questions about his day. I feel like it’s a lot harder for him to ask about my day, though – it’s a funny mix of being the same old thing (how many times can you ask about school pickup?) and completely different with various things that come up every single day. Both of which make it difficult to ask questions on a regular basis.


Plus, I think he worries about asking about certain household things, since he doesn’t want me to feel like he’s telling me what I SHOULD have done during the day, or feel bad if those things didn’t happen. I’d rather he just ask, but I see where he’s coming from and it’s a tricky balance. And I don’t always JUST want to talk about the kids and what they did. Sure, I was a big part of that, but my entire life doesn’t revolve around them (much as they may think it does…).
Daniel & Preethi circa 2008 😉
So here are 30 questions that have been helpful to us that are specific enough to invite conversation, but generic enough that you can use them regularly. They’ve also been great in talking to our kids about school, and are helpful in avoiding the “fine” answers. I hope they’re helpful to you, too!


  1. What was something you liked about today?
  2. Did anything funny happen today?
  3. Did you start any goals today?
  4. Were there any times you wanted to hide in the closet eating chocolate chips today?
  5. When were you happiest today?
  6. Were there any frustrating moments today?
  7. Did you see any friends today?
  8. What is one thing you’re glad you accomplished today?
  9. Did you have time to read today?
  10. Were you able to go outside today?
  11. Were there any quiet moments today?
  12. When did you feel the most stressed today?
  13. Did you see any examples of kindness today?
  14. Did anyone tell you “thank you” today?
  15. Was there someone you thought about today?
  16. When was the most chaotic time of the day?
  17. What did you eat for lunch?
  18. What made you feel proud today?
  19. Did you email or call anyone today?
  20. Did you ever feel like crying today?
  21. Did you play with any toys today?
  22. Did you have time for a hobby today?
  23. What was the most rewarding part of your day?
  24. What made you laugh today?
  25. Do you feel like you want to continue stay-at-home-parenting after today?
  26. What was your biggest challenge today?
  27. Did you feel loved today?
  28. What role did you feel you best filled today?
  29. Did you feel successful today?
  30. Is there anything you want to change for tomorrow?

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