Virtual Friendship Challenge: Staying Connected Despite Distance

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Distance can be hard on friendships. That’s true whether friends live down the street and have trouble with scheduling, or whether they live on other sides of the world.

With so many families sheltering in place, it can be not only difficult, but impossible for friends to get together. While this is, of course, the right thing to do physically, it’s difficult emotionally. People need people! We need human interaction and connection, especially during times of crisis.

Virtual Friendship Challenge

I’m excited to share this virtual friendship challenge that will hopefully help you connect with the people you love. It has 30 different ideas to help you connect whether near or far. You can do them all, or just a few. You can try them with lots of different loved ones, or get really close to just one. The ideas range from sharing funny memes to reading a book together. All the ideas are shared below, or you can sign up to receive a free printable chart.

I hope it helps you realize there are people who you love and who love you back. I truly believe taking these small actions can deepen friendships and inspire joy during a difficult time.

A big giant hug to all of you. We’ve got this!

Here’s your virtual friendship challenge!


friendship challenge


Virtual Friendship Challenge: 30 Ideas to Help You Connect and Strengthen Friendships

  1. Share a funny meme
  2. Share a thought from a book
  3. Send a voice text
  4. Share a struggle
  5. Comment on an Instagram photo
  6. Send a card
  7. Share a joint memory
  8. Send a small gift
  9. Share an uplifting song
  10. Tell a friend something you love about them
  11. Make a phone call
  12. Ask about a friend’s bucket list destination
  13. Share a photo from your day
  14. Send a gif from a favorite TV show
  15. Share a hard moment from the day
  16. Share a goal
  17. Ask about a favorite treat
  18. Send a Marco Polo
  19. Share an interesting article
  20. Watch the same movie and text while you watch
  21. Make food that reminds you of a friend
  22. Do a video call
  23. Share an old photo
  24. Recommend a book to read
  25. Notice and comment on a detail of a friend’s life
  26. Play an online game together
  27. Ask a meaningful question
  28. Share a simple joy
  29. Share what you’re wearing
  30. Ask about a simple success



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