Our Birthday Gifts For A 6 Year Old Boy

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Our 3rd kiddo turned 6 on Thanksgiving a couple weeks ago! Especially with a holiday birthday, we wanted to make sure to help him feel special, so we did a lot of our cooking in advance. Then we did a small family celebration on Thanksgiving morning, with a special breakfast and our birthday gifts for a 6 year old boy.

We did a couple of small activities together and enjoyed a few presents, most of which are useful or consumable. I hope these help you if you need to buy a 6 year old boy birthday gift!

birthday gifts for 6 year old boy

Best Birthday Gift for A 6 Year Old Boy

His main gift was what I personally think is one of the best gifts of all – a new bike! He’d been riding his balance bike that converts to one with pedals ever since he started riding on 2 wheels (about a year ago). He’d long since outgrown that little bike and needed an upgrade to some bigger wheels so he could keep up with the rest of the family on rides.

Our oldest has had a Guardian bike for several years, and we’ve loved it. It’s arguably the safest kids’ bike on the market since the special brake system allows kids to stop faster and prevents them from flying over the handlebars. I also love that it’s so easy to put together – our older son was riding within minutes of taking it out of the box!

Finally, their customer service is top notch. I love supporting small businesses (especially ones that nail the product component), and it’s even better when their service is just as good.

Other Birthday Gifts for a 6 Year Old Boy

Here are the other birthday gifts we got our kiddo last week. We had an unintentional dino theme but we ran with it and he was over the moon!

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Our Birthday Gifts For A 6 Year Old Boy

Experiences + Treats

I probably wouldn’t have paid for this dinosaur adventure on a normal day, but it seemed like a really fun thing for a birthday, especially one that fell on Thanksgiving. And it was! We did a short hike before, then headed over and watched the life-sized dinosaurs before going home to eat Thanksgiving dinner. A very fun outing.

And for treats, he requested a pineapple cake that we’ll make this week (no need for extra dessert on Thanksgiving!), and we gave him a bar of birthday cake chocolate from Trader Joe’s. Finally, he wanted a movie and homemade pizza night, so we did that a couple nights in advance and watched Home Alone (his pick).


Like I mentioned, the bike is the big gift that we got him. Every birthday obviously doesn’t entail something of this value, but it was time, and we use our bikes frequently, so it was a great opportunity.

Guardian Original 20 Inch Large

Dino Soap Lab

I’m a big fan of consumable gifts, and this dinosaur soap making kit one was such a hit. Half science experiment, half craft project, it was perfect for my kiddo who both loves to build things and loves to be creative. You mix up the colors with glycerin in the molds and end up with cute (and useable!) little dinosaur soaps. Both he and his older brother LOVED doing it together! (You can also find it HERE.)

Dinosaur Mug

Our older two each have a special mug that they LOVE to use for hot chocolate or even just at the dinner table. I figured it was time to get T his own, too. I love that this mug doesn’t have a garish pattern, and it’s so fun that the neck is the handle. He’s used it every day since he got it so I’d say he loves it.

Picture Book: Dinosaur Lady Mary Anning

Have you heard of Mary Anning? I loved learning a little more about her as I write this post on picture books about amazing female leaders. So when I came across it, I bought this book right away for my little dino lover. He and his younger brother have read it over and over in the days since he got it, and they love poring over the beautiful illustrations. (You can also support your local bookstore by purchasing right here.)

Dinosaur LEGO Set

This may very well be the first LEGO purchase I’ve ever made for my children, and I have to admit it was with a bit of reluctance – ha. But it was the ONE thing he requested when asked, so I figured I’d do one small set. I like that this one can be built into 3 different kinds of dinos!

Mini Pinata

Our kids basically think pinatas are the greatest, and they’ve all requested one for their birthdays. These mini ones are perfect so we’re not overwhelmed with candy for just our family. They’re the perfect way to make a birthday (especially a birthday when we’re not celebrating with any friends) fun and special!

We got this donkey one for our 6 year old, this llama one for our daughter who turned 8, and this dinosaur pinata for our kiddo who turned 10.

It was a really fun birthday and we loved celebrating him! I’d love to hear if you have other fantastic ideas for a birthday gift for a 6 year old boy!



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