Our 11 Year Old Boy Birthday Present Ideas

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Our oldest just turned eleven! This age felt a little tricky as far as 11 year old gifts because he’s past younger kid stuff, but isn’t quite old enough for teen stuff. I was so happy to land on some terrific 11 year old boy birthday present ideas that he loved!

Experience: Ropes Course and Zipline Course

We generally like to do an experience gift for kids for their main gift, and I was looking for something that would be active and fun to do together. I found this zipline and ropes course near our home that goes through the redwood trees – stunning! It has an age minimum of 10 years, so our other kids are too young. We thought it would be perfect to take him and make a great 11 year old boy birthday gift.

Nationals Shirts

Our oldest is a giant baseball fan, and the Nationals are his very favorite team. He’s loved them since he went to his first baseball game to see them when he was only 2 years old!

He was starting to outgrow his old Nats shirt, so I figured it was time for some new gear. His favorite color is blue, and he’d really been wanting a blue Nats shirt, but they’re quite difficult to find (red is much more common). I finally found this set of two Nats shirts – a long-sleeved one and a short-sleeved one. It’s perfect as the long-sleeved one is a bit warmer for the upcoming cool weather, and the short-sleeved one is great for layering or sleeping. They’re also technical material (instead of cotton), which is his favorite.

He wore one to sleep the first night he got it and the other one to school the next day so I’d say he’s a fan of these Nationals shirts for kids as birthday gifts for an 11 year old boy!

Book: Fallout: Spies, Superbombs, and the Ultimate Cold War Showdown

N is a voracious reader, and especially loves Steve Sheinkin, and his very favorite book from his summer reading list was a Sheinkin book. So I thought this new book would be perfect for him as an 11 year old gift! He read and LOVED the companion book so I’m confident he’ll be very into this one, too. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks (and then borrow it – I loved the first one, too!).

Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

Ultimate Coloring National Parks: A Colorful Adventure Into the Great Outdoors

When we were at Great Basin National Park last month, we had to walk through the visitors center to get to our tour of Lehman Cave. On the way, N saw this beautiful National Parks coloring book, commented on how cool it was (he has a similar Yosemite one), and asked if we could get it. I said no at the time, but grabbed it discreetly after he headed back to the RV.

He loves intricate crafts and adult coloring books, and of course he’s a giant National Parks fan and is familiar with tons of them. So he was thrilled to see this coloring book wrapped up!

Available on Amazon, Bookshop, Target, Walmart

Military Grade Compass

N loves all things exploring, and is very capable at navigation and details. We do tons of hikes, so I thought this military grade compass would be a great and useful thing to give him some responsibility. Standard cheap compasses never seem to do much of anything and break easily, but this one is super durable and also waterproof. It can also measure height and slopes – perfect for hiking in areas with changing elevation. I’m excited to see him learn to use it! Great to add to a list of fun and unique 11 year old gift ideas.

That’s all! If you have a tween boy, I’d love to hear all your best suggestions for 11 year old birthday present ideas, especially with winter holidays coming up!


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