Family Greek Mythology Costume for Halloween

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I’ve mentioned before that we love we love matching family Halloween costumes, but that I was sure that last year would be the final time my kids would be on board. Well, lo and behold, this year they came up with a matching theme for a family Greek mythology costume.

diy matching family halloween costumes greek mythology costume

My kids came up with this idea on their own with zero input from me. They decided they all wanted to coordinate, decided on the costumes, came up with ideas for the other family members, and I just followed along. I sort of feel like I’ve arrived in parenthood! 😉

Since we just got back last week from 4 months of full time RVing, I knew we wouldn’t have a ton of time or bandwidth to create something super elaborate. I also knew that it’s a unique year when we’ll be doing more at home Halloween celebrations without school and church parades, and without traditional trick or treating. So I wasn’t interested in spending a ton of money to buy big costumes, either.

Fortunately, the Greek mythology costumes theme my kids chose lent itself perfectly to simple but beautiful and impactful matching family Halloween costumes. There’s something about all being in the same color and style that really ups the wow factor, even if the costumes themselves aren’t super elaborate. I LOVE how our family Greek mythology costume turned out and am sharing all the details below!

baby greek goddess costume

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Family Greek Mythology Costume


Supplies for DIY Greek God and Greek Goddess Costumes

We used a few basic supplies for all the DIY Greek mythology costumes. They were inexpensive and impactful!

  • Cardboard. We used basic cardboard boxes to create the props, cuffs, and wings.
  • Scissors and/or X-acto knife. For cutting out all your shapes!
  • Gold spray paint. We used 2 full bottles for all the props for all 7 of us.
  • Gold face paint. This gold face and body paint went on beautifully and was impactful and inexpensive.
  • Plastic sleds to use as shields. Since we’d recently visited White Sands National Park and had purchased plastic sleds there, this was a great way to reuse. Even otherwise, this is an inexpensive way to make a nice-looking circular shield.
  • Gold leaves ribbon. This thing had 20 yards worth – PLENTY to wrap around our waists, heads, legs, or anywhere else.
  • Gold paper fasteners. These were helpful for holding together various cardboard pieces.
  • Scissors. Definitely needed.
  • Velcro. This was great for holding cuffs closed.
  • White sheets and white tunics. We used some old white flat sheets that we had, and also these inexpensive angel gowns from our nativity costumes. We also used white flour sack dish towels for the two youngest kids.
  • Safety pins. Of course.

greek good costume boy


DIY Greek Goddess Hera Costume

For my Hera Halloween costume, I took an old white flat sheet and tied it around myself in a two-shoulder style. (It didn’t stay up super well, so I need to figure out how to get it to stay better. I also wrapped the gold leaves ribbon around my head. Additionally, I made cuffs from cardboard, then spray painted them gold and closed them around my arms with Velcro.


DIY Greek God Costume: Zeus

My husband decided to do a Zeus Halloween costume, and needed a couple of props to add to his look. He also used a flat sheet to tie around himself. Then, he made a lightning bolt staff out of cardboard and a wooden pole. He then spray painted those gold, along with cardboard cuffs closed with Velcro, and gold leaves ribbon around his head.

In addition to all that, we’re planning to have him try using some beard oil and then putting gold glitter in his beard! I’ll let you know how that goes.

family greek god and greek goddess costumes


DIY Greek God Costume: Hermes

Since Hermes is the messenger god with winged apparel, my son created several sets of wings out of cardboard. He attached one set of wings to an old pair of flip flops (or you can get an inexpensive pair) and spray painted the whole thing gold. He also made a helmet out of cardboard and a paper bowl and attached another pair of wings to that, and spray painted that gold, as well.

He also used his stuffed snake to wrap around his caduceus, an angel tunic, a shield, and the gold leaves ribbon. I loved how this Hermes Halloween costume turned out!

diy hermes halloween costume greek god


hermes wings diy costume


DIY Greek Goddess Costume: Girl: Athena Costume

Since Athena is a heroic Greek goddess of wisdom, my daughter decided to carry a gold painted cardboard book, as well as a shield. She used these along with a white tunic. Other than that, she used the same gold leaf ribbon, and cardboard cuffs spray painted gold and closed with Velcro. Super simple and pretty Athena Halloween costume!

diy athena halloween costume


DIY Greek God Hephaestus Costume

Since Hephaestus is the mythological god of smithing and building, we thought it would be perfect for our 3rd kiddo, who is our biggest builder by a mile! He loves anything with cardboard and tape, so this was right up his alley.

He crafted a big cardboard mallet spray painted gold to go along with his white tunic, gold leaves ribbon. Perfect!

diy hephaestus greek god costume


Pegasus Costume for a Little Boy

This little Pegasus Halloween costume was SO cute! We used a flour sack dish towel to wrap around his waist and tied and safety pinned it in the back. We also drew and cut out with a retractable blade some big wings that we spray painted gold. I poked holes in the wings while overlapping and pushed paper fasteners through to hold the wings in place.

After that, I cut two pieces of elastic, each about 7-8″ long. I attached those to the wings with paper fasteners in a loop, so my toddler could wear the wings like a backpack. It worked perfectly! He also had gold leaves wrapped around his head, as well as it trailing behind his head for a mane. A darling and simple little boy Greek god costume!

DIY pegasus halloween costume


Aphrodite Girl Costume

Finally, we had little baby Aphrodite Halloween costume! She’s our little love, so we figured she had to be the goddess of love. It made for a perfect DIY Greek goddess costume!

I cut out several little cardboard hearts – about 4-5 per arm. After spray painting them gold, I overlapped them a bit in a line and attached them with paper fasteners. Then I tied them around her arms with the gold leaf ribbon. I also wrapped the same kind of ribbon around her head. Finally, we wrapped one flour sack dish towel around her diaper, and another around her top.

cute baby halloween costumes


diy baby aphrodite halloween costume


easy aphrodite costume


And that’s it for our family Greek mythology costume! It was a blast putting it together, and it only took a few short hours to pull together 7 beautiful costumes that made a big family Halloween costume impact. I hope this inspires you in creating some costumes of your own!


greek mythology halloween costume






diy greek mythology family halloween costume

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