5 Favorite Things April 2024

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I love being able to share a few things that have been enjoyable, fun, or helpful to me over the month. Here are some things I’ve been loving this month, as well as some other Favorite Things I’ve shared!

Inexpensive Blush Makeup Stick

I used the Nars Orgasm blush for years and years – basically since I got my makeup done on a trial before we got married. I still love it, but it’s pricey! I also love the Phase Zero Making Moves powder blush, which is more affordable, but neither powder blush is great for my dry skin in wintertime.

I’d seen a few people share this cream blush stick and the color looked pretty and very similar to my two favorites above. I figured the creaminess would help with winter dryness, and at under $4, I figured it was worth a shot.

Turns out I LOVE it – it’s the prettiest color, easy to apply, great for a bit of warmth on the bridge of my nose and cheeks, and very inexpensive. It’s also super convenient for travel since it doesn’t need a brush to apply. It’s become a staple in my makeup routine! You can also grab it at Target. I love the color Peach Bums.

Our School Drop Off Loop

Until about a month ago, Dan and I would typically split the school drop offs. Our oldest gets himself to school on his bike, and then we have a primary school and nursery school drop off, so we would go in different directions for those. But the last few weeks, we’ve managed to get M out and ready at the same time as her primary school siblings, so we all walk down to the primary school, and then she, Dan, and I head over to nursery drop off with her little bestie and her parent. It’s the loveliest little loop, especially with the weather finally getting nicer! From there, we usually stop at the playground on the way home for 15 minutes or so with baby S, which she absolutely adores. It’s amazing how much that morning loop really starts my day on a great note.

100% Cotton Sheets

I’m not much of a shopper, and certainly not on vacation. But I DO love good quality sheets, so while in Egypt, I was excited to pick up some 100% cotton ones – especially since my favorites don’t come in UK bed sizes. I’ve been in heaven with our lovely new bedding – the quality is amazing and they were way less expensive than similar quality outside Egypt.

In case you can’t actually pick up bedding in Egypt itself, these have been my favorites for years – super excellent quality and really affordable. They’re a dream and I was sad we didn’t bring them to London with us (UK bed sizes are just different enough that I thought they wouldn’t fit correctly, but it turns out they would’ve been fine). They’re currently on sale for 25% off during their 10th anniversary sale! Here’s the DUVET SET and also the SHEET SET we love – both come with 2 pillowcases, which is perfect for the 4 pillows we keep on our bed. (We never use a flat sheet and just use the duvet, but they do also have sets that include a flat sheet if you prefer.)

Dime Beauty Biome Body Butter

I’ve loved lots of Dime Beauty products in the past (the Blue Facial Oil is my all-time favorite), but I’ve really been into the biome body butter lately. I tend to have really dry skin and this is the only thing that seems to keep it from being super itchy and irritated. It’s super thick and rich but isn’t greasy, which I love. You can use the code LOCALPASSPORTFAMILY for 20% off any Dime products.

Rumpl Everywhere Mat

It’s finally feeling warmer, and last night was our first impromptu park dinner of the season. We gathered up what we would’ve been eating anyway and ate while playing in the sun and it was lovely. I remembered how much I love our Everywhere Mat – it packs up so small, is waterproof (good for damp grass in the spring), and is so easy to wipe clean. It packs down way smaller than other similar mats, which makes it easy to keep in the stroller basket to have handy! (The code PASSPORTFAM10 may still work!)

What’s something you’ve been loving this month? I’d love to hear!


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