What I’m ACTUALLY Giving My Husband for Christmas 2023

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I always love when I have everything sorted for Dan’s Christmas gifts early! It’s so nice to have everything organized down to the stocking and even get stuff wrapped so I can relax and enjoy the beauty of the season. Here’s what I’m actually giving my husband for Christmas 2023 if you need some ideas!

6 Months of Dates

If I’m being perfectly honest, the last couple years have been a little rough on our marriage. Having our 6th and final baby (who is our clingiest and also our poorest sleeper by a mile) while taking care of 5 other kids while having a parent pass away while moving internationally was…no joke. And the challenging (though often wonderful!) circumstances made it so spending time with just the two of us was difficult, too.

So I decided to put together some set dates for us to enjoy time together while exploring our new city. I thought about planning a year of dates, but knew it would be tricky to predict schedules and such that far out, so decided to go with two a month for 6 months instead. I’m so excited to give this to him (and also to enjoy it together). Here are all the dates I have planned:

  • January
    • See Phantom of the Opera (neither of us has seen it before!)
    • Take an architecture tour of the Barbican performing arts centre
  • February:
    • Baker Street: The World’s First Underground (it’s a Hidden London tour through the London Transport Museum)
    • See The Mousetrap (an Agatha Christie murder mystery play)
  • March:
    • Postal Museum tunnel walks tour
    • See MJ musical
  • April:
    • Dans le Noir restaurant (dinner date in the dark)
    • See Guys and Dolls musical
  • May:
    • See the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play Dvorak’s New World Symphony (Dan loves this symphony so I was excited to see it playing!)
    • London Abseil at ArcelorMittal Orbit
  • June:
    • See Mean Girls musical

1st Birthday Painting of Baby S

For the Christmas after our babies turn a year old, I always have a commissioned oil painting done of them that I present to Dan for Christmas. They’ve been such special and beautiful treasures and I can’t wait to see this one completed and in person. Here’s more about how we have it done and the artist we use.

Nice Cozy Clothing

Moving to London from California has meant we each have some gaps in our wardrobes that need to be filled. We were definitely all lacking on the warm clothing front, especially Dan. He’s the type that won’t fill those gaps on his own and will instead wear the one functional sweater repeatedly, ha, so I figured I’d fill those gaps for him.

I’ve heard amazing things about the fit, comfort, and affordability for the quality of Quince, so I decided to give it a shot. I ordered Dan this cashmere pullover hoodie, this cashmere henley sweater, and these chinos.

Home Alone Battle Plan Tee

When Dan was a kid, Home Alone was one of his favorite movies. In fact, he loved it so much that he purchased the VHS with his own money and came up with a plan to secure his own house, lol. So the second I saw this Home Alone Battle Plan t-shirt, I knew I had to get it for him. This might just be the thing I’m most excited to give him!

What I’m Putting In My Husband’s Stocking

I love putting together a stocking for Dan in addition to the kids – it’s so fun! Here’s what’s going in my husband’s stocking in 2023:

  • LED Flashlight Gloves – I think these will be great for him for doing all sorts of things in the dark or any sort of tool work
  • S-Biner size 5 – I gave him an S-biner last year but accidentally ordered a tiny one. This size should be much more useful!
  • Figgy mustard – Dan loves mustard and this one looked yummy
  • Remembrance Day poppy pin – we both said how we’d like a sturdy one next year, so one from this Etsy shop is going in Dan’s stocking

Christmas Pajamas

Dan already got his Christmas pajamas with the rest of us at the end of November, and we all love them. So cozy and soft, and I love this beautiful and classic tartan print. The flannel is also perfect for this London winter!

I shared lots of suggestions for where to get matching family Christmas pajamas right HERE.



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  • I would love to see a post about what Dan buys for you! (Obviously, it would have to be written after Christmas once you know what you got. But your gifts are so thoughtfully and generously chosen for him, it would be neat to see what he gets for you!)

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