What I’m Giving My Husband for Christmas 2020

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“Christmas gift ideas for husband who has everything” is definitely something I’ve Googled a time or two. Anyone else??

I don’t know what it is about guys that makes them notoriously difficult to buy gifts for, but I feel like I’ve at least gotten much better at it over the years. I know Dan’s interests, and perhaps even more importantly, I know the kinds of things he appreciates as gifts. He loves activities together, and he loves things that invite some fun.

For me personally, I don’t love gifting things that are totally utilitarian. I definitely like useful and consumable gifts, but I’d rather them not be things that are just wise for the management and operation of our home and family. I’d rather take the opportunity to gift something that Dan wouldn’t purchase for himself to surprise him.

Here’s what I’m giving him this year. And you can still get several of them before Christmas if you’re still trying to figure out some gifts!

This post on what I’m giving my husband for Christmas in 2020 contains affiliate links, but all opinions are 100% my own. That means I earn a small commission if you purchase through my link, but doesn’t change your price.


What I’m Giving My Husband for Christmas in 2020


Photo Book

We’ve both historically been pretty terrible at putting together family photo books. But we all treasure the couple I have managed to do. So I’ve been trying to go back and do one at a time. I already did ones from the first 3 years of our marriage, so I put together one for the 4th year.

I can get really bogged down with the choosing and editing, so I knew that if I wanted to actually get something done, I needed to streamline and keep things really simple. I used Mixbook, which I LOVE because of how simple and straightforward it is, and also for how easy it is to change any design element. I could easily just see how many photos I wanted on a page, click on that number in the layout, and quickly drag them in.

Assembling the whole 80+ page photo book for our 4th year of marriage (with well over 1000 photos) took me just a couple of hours. It won’t be perfect, all the photos won’t be edited, but it will be DONE. And that will be a treasure.

family photo book for husband gift


6 Months of Root Beer of the Month Club

A friend of mine gave a subscription to this root beer of the month club to her husband last year. When she mentioned it, I knew it would be perfect for my root beer-loving husband. You get 6 different gourmet root beers each time, and you can either pay monthly or all at once. I decided to do 6 months since each of those 72 bottles will be unique.

One note: the boxes come with the logo all over them. Argh! So Dan did see the first box. He knows it has root beer, but doesn’t know what it’s about or that it’s a subscription, but it’s still somewhat frustrating. Just be aware if you do order.


Religious Artwork

Daniel and I both love art, including religious art. He also has a special affinity for the heavens and stargazing. So when I saw this piece, I knew I wanted to get him a print of it. I think he’ll really love it. And I love that I also get to support Yongsung Kim, a Korean artist.



Daniel is a giant fan of Maya Angelou. I haven’t read this work of hers before, but it’s obviously perfect for this time of year. It will be delightful to read together over the holiday break.



Cozy Blanket

Like the kids, Dan has been using whatever random blankets we have lying around. It’s actually been getting chilly in California lately, so I thought I’d upgrade him to a cozy one of his own. (I may get him one of my absolute favorite blankets when they go on sale, but this one is an amazing and close second for about 1/3 the cost.)



I wanted to put a few useful, fun, and inexpensive things in Dan’s stocking, as well!

  • SOCKS.
    • I always like to put in a good pair of wool socks in stockings. I bought a pair for myself from this brand a little while ago and I never knew before that I could be obsessed with socks. Wool socks are a bit pricier but so useful and I love them for hiking and travel, especially since you can wear them multiple times without washing. And they’re so warm and soft!
    • I also LOVE that this brand is still family-owned!
  • Treats
    • I always do a mandarin orange as well as a chocolate orange and some jelly beans from Trader Joe’s.
  • Coupon for a movie and snack night at home





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  • We don’t typically do Christmas gifts, but I’m doing stockings this year because we haven’t been home on Christmas (usually in San Diego visiting my parents) in years! Maple candy was a childhood favorite of mine and I’m so excited to slip it in this year.

    Thanks for the wool sock recommendation – with all the extra cold-weather hiking we’re doing this year, it’ll come in handy!

    • Maple candy, how fun!! And let me know if you get the socks – we’ve loved them!!

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