What I’m Giving My Husband For Christmas 2022

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Though it always feels a bit tricky to find Christmas gifts for husbands, it’s a fun challenge each year. I actually super love thinking about Dan’s interests and finding a few things that he’ll love. I usually try to go beyond necessities or purely functional gifts to give Dan a few fun things that he wouldn’t necessarily do on his own.

Here’s what I’m gifting my husband for Christmas 2022!

Experience Gift For Husband: Helicopter Tour Over San Francisco

Dan and I have talked about doing a helicopter tour a few times but have never had the chance to do one. I think it seems spectacular to do one over the Bay with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’ll make a perfect date for us to do together!

Leather Charging Station & Accessories Tray

I fell in love with this leather tray the second I saw it – it’s so handsome and will be perfect to contain all the things that Dan tends to strew about his nightstand. 😉

Battery Organizer

I’ve seen a few people share about a battery organizer this year, and it seemed like the perfect, very needed gift. We have tons of batteries shoved in a cabinet and we never know which ones work and which don’t. It drives me batty. So…maybe this is more of a gift for me than for Dan, LOL.

Airfly Bluetooth Wireless Transmitter

Obviously we love to travel, and Dan always brings along his bluetooth headphones. But you can’t use them to listen to the in-flight audio for movies on a long flight. Enter Airfly! It plugs in where normal headphones would and allows you to listen via bluetooth headphones. I think he’ll love this!

Stocking Stuffers for Husband

And of course, I always love planning out stocking stuffers, too!


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