2023 Men’s Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

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My philosophy on men’s stocking stuffers is the same as stocking stuffers for the whole family – they need to get used (and not just create clutter) and they need to be inexpensive. No AirPods in stockings in our house, regardless of the size!

That also means stocking stuffers are super fun for me to choose. I love working in those parameters to find items that are actually really excellent and that I would love, too, and that are helpful and durable despite their small size (and price tag).

Here are 30+ more awesome stocking stuffers that men will love for 2023. I’d love to hear any favorites! And if you need more idea, check out these past men’s stocking stuffers posts!

Flashlight Gloves

I got these LED flashlight gloves for Dan this year and I think he’ll get tons of use out of them. Perfect for hunting for things in the dark, doing handiwork, or even buckling a stroller at night.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Spax Screws

Dan feels really passionately about these screws for reasons I can’t explain, ha. Supposedly they’re the best!

Where to Buy: Lowes | Amazon | Walmart

Magnetic Bookmarks

I love magnetic bookmarks because they actually stay put. This set is fun and inexpensive, or I love this solid-color set.

Where to Buy: Target | Amazon

IKEA Chip Clips

To me, there are no better chip clips than these ones from IKEA. They’re so functional for everything from chip bags to spices to holding together items in our suitcase.

Escape from the Museum Card Game

Our 11 year old daughter picked out this game recently and it is so fun. Great for older kids and adults.

Where to Buy: Amazon |

Water Bottle Ice Sticks

We stuck these in our kids’ stockings a couple years ago and they were such a hit. Perfect for sliding into a water bottle without needing to stuff in a bunch of ice.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Cooking Torch

Perfect for bruleeing marshmallows, but I promise if he loves cooking, he’ll find all kinds of uses for this handy little torch.

The Best Scissors

I’ve purchased this set of scissors at least 3 different times because they’re the very best, and because they are the very best, they keep going missing since various family members keep taking them. Plus, you can’t really have too many pairs of scissors at home.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Mini Portable Charger

I’ve talked about these incessantly the last year because I just love so much having a little cordless portable charger. Stick one in every person’s stocking.

Pot Scraper

I did a favorite things party 4 or 5 years ago and my friend included these. I ended up with them and was a bit skeptical at first, but they really are amazing. They get everything off a pan so quickly and easily. Perfect for a guy who loves to cook (or who does the dishes).

Zip Chip

This went in our 12 year old’s stocking last year and it was a big hit with him and his friends. (So much so that it got lost on top of the school roof because they played with it so much…)

Best Cords

You can never have too many cords, especially when they’re great ones. These are the only ones we’ve had that have lasted for years without wearing through and stay perfect through travel. (Here’s the lightning version.)

Where to Buy: Amazon

Rechargeable Lighter

We have at least half a dozen of these around our house. They’re perfect for candles or if your gas stove stops lighting (ahem).

Mini Sound Machine

Excellent for travel or to take to a different room for a nap.

Where to Buy: Amazon


It would be impossible to have too many of these. He’ll love an extra for the car or his backpack.

Where to Buy: Walmart

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

If you know a dude who loves music or audiobooks, this tiny Bluetooth speaker is fantastic. Easy to move around or even carry in a pocket.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Duct Tape

It solves everything according to my kids, and is excellent to have around, especially as you’re packing away holiday decorations.

Insect Repellent

I really love this kind. Stick in a small bottle that’s perfect for a trip that you’ve planned to a tropical paradise. 😉

Where to Buy: Amazon | REI

S-biner (Size 5)

Carabiners are the very best, and S-biners are maybe even more useful than that. I love that you don’t have to finagle them as much to hook things on. This size is perfect to attach to a backpack or luggage.

Where to Buy: Walmart | Amazon

Toothbrush Covers

You know he’s been using his for far too long. These are eminently useful at home or when on the go.

Where to Buy: Target | Amazon | Walmart

Utility Spork

We got these for all our kids for their hiking backpacks last year. Functional and better for the earth than disposable utensils.

Where to Buy: REI | Amazon

Bug Bite Thing

Dan swears by this to use right after an insect bite – it removes the venom and reduces itchiness and irritation.

Where to Buy: Amazon | REI | Walmart

Smartwool Socks

These socks can be pricey but they’re really excellent. Warm, thick, resist odor (great for travel), and wick moisture. A must for winter. I always try to get them here where they’re much less expensive.

Where to Buy: Zulily | Smartwool | Amazon | REI

Harry Potter Chopsticks

I shared these light up lightsaber chopsticks a couple years ago and they were wildly popular. These Harry Potter wand chopsticks are equally fun for an aspirational wizard in your life. The dragon and phoenix ones are also great!

Where to Buy: Amazon

Crush Resistant Mini First Aid Kit

It’s much easier to be prepared with bandages if they come with this cool-looking and durable little case. Small enough to even slip into a pocket.

Where to Buy: Amazon | Target

Marshmallow Roasting Sticks

Perfect for camping or s’mores at home.

Where to Buy: Amazon

Dr. Bronner’s Lip Balm

A smooth peppermint lip stick feels masculine and grown up. This one is my very favorite.

Where to Buy: Target | Amazon | Walmart

Mosquito Head Net

Where to Buy: REI

Multitool Pen

It has a pen, stylus, bubble level, two screwdrivers and a ruler all in one – perfect to stick in a pocket or bag.

Working Hands Hand Cream

This cream is the best for hands that get really chapped and dry, and is unscented.



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