50+ Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Toddlers and Babies Under $5 (That Aren’t Just Clutter)

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Stockings may actually be my little kids’ very favorite part of Christmas morning. There’s something about pulling out little things and treats from a giant sock that is very exciting. The only problem is that I’ve found that so many stocking stuffer ideas for toddlers revolve around plastic trinkets and tons of candy – both of which I’m fine with in small quantities but don’t want filling our home.

Here’s a list of the best stocking stuffers for babies and the best stocking stuffers for toddlers that are fun and exciting and perhaps even a bit useful. I’ve tried to keep them under $10 and focus on things that won’t sit around unused. I hope you love them like we do!

Stocking Stuffers For Babies

Stocking stuffers for infants used to be so tricky for me. I didn’t want my babies to be left out. Plus, I had some sort of weird internal idea that in order to treat all my children fairly, I had to spend a similar amount of money on them.

I finally realized that treating them “equally” didn’t actually mean I had to spend equal money on them. I could just think about what each of them would be excited about, whatever that was!

This was so helpful to me, especially when it comes to stocking stuffers for babies. Here are some of my favorites – inexpensive, easily accessible, and will likely thrill your baby. In fact, you could grab most anything you already have around your house. Your little one will be thrilled to pull out the Christmas stocking fillers for babies and won’t have any clue you already owned it.

Inexpensive Baby & Toddler Gift Ideas

And while most of these inexpensive baby Christmas gift ideas are under $5 and almost all are under $10, putting them solidly in baby stocking stuffers price range, they could easily be Christmas gifts for toddlers and babies. They won’t know or care how much you spent and a more expensive gift isn’t a better gift, especially when little ones are concerned.

I hope these baby stocking stuffer ideas help relieve some stress and increase the fun!

Useful Toddler Stocking Stuffer Ideas: Useful Stocking Stuffers for Babies

I love giving toddler stocking stuffers that are a mix of useful and fun, and often consumable in some way. Here are some of our favorite one year old stocking stuffer ideas, including some things we’ll be putting in our 1 year old’s stocking this year!

Toddler Art Supply Stocking Ideas

Food Stocking Ideas for Toddlers & Babies

  • Mini container of cereal (perfect to make sure they eat something other than candy that day)
  • Fresh fruit like an orange or banana
  • Snack sized mini cookies (like Teddy Grahams)
  • Mini Pringles (they’ll love the container more than what’s inside)
  • Toddler cutting knife or other mini cooking tools
  • Bag of puffs

Bath Toy Stocking Stuffers for Babies & Toddlers

Fun Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers and Babies

I do like including something really fun in my toddlers’ stockings – but I do NOT want it to be a junky plastic toy that will get played with for 30 seconds before it breaks and goes in the trash. Here are a few that have lasted us through the years!

FREE Stocking Stuffers for Babies/Toddlers

Here are some more ideas for items you’ll most likely have in your home that are perfect to stick in a stocking for a baby or toddler. They’ll love playing with them and helping put them back when needed!

I hope those are helpful! I’d love to hear what have been your favorite baby stocking stuffer ideas and toddler stocking stuffers!

  • Diapers – always one of the best baby stocking ideas!
  • Spatula – perfect for banging
  • Whisk – so fun in the bath with bubbles
  • Big spoon


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