Our 5 Year Old Boy Birthday Gifts

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We loved celebrating our little A turning 5 last week! He’s been counting down the days to his birthday for months and was so excited to celebrate. And we loved giving him some 5 year old boy birthday gifts to celebrate, as well!

On the day of his actual birthday, we loved having Grandma in town after our youngest baby was born and going on a couple of low-key adventures. A chose first to visit Home Depot for their 1st Saturday of the month build projects. Honestly, I hesitated to present that as an option for the day since it didn’t seem all that fancy or special, and was a free event. But that’s what he picked from several choices…and he LOVED it! He was delighted to make a little pencil box and he (along with a couple siblings) asked if they could go every month. Just goes to show that simple is often what is most fun!

After that, A chose to drive out to a beach by us where a whale had washed up after being hit by a ship. Super sad, but also still really cool to see this massive and beautiful creature up close. Perfect for my animal-loving kiddo to see. From there, we headed back home for a movie night (Incredibles 2) with pineapple & olive pizza, followed by boba – his pick. šŸ™‚ Such a fun day! He’s also very excited to do a very low-key celebration in the park with his classmates this afternoon.

Here are the little gifts we gave to our newly minted 5 year old. He loved these simple and useful 5 year old birthday presents and I hope they inspire you, too!

Experience Gift: Tickets to Elephant and Piggie Show

We always like to do an experience for our kids’ main birthday gift, and when I saw that Elephant and Piggie’s We Are In A Play was happening in our area, I thought it would be perfect. We saw this show about 8 years ago with our two oldest kids and it was darling. A has been reading some of the Elephant and Piggie books in his classroom library, so I thought it would be fun for him to see them live. He’ll get to go with a parent on a special date and we can’t wait!

Chemistry Mystery Experiment Kit

One downside to being the 4th kid is that your older siblings often do fun crafts and projects that are just a bit too advanced for you to participate in easily. Our 3 oldest were working on some of these National Geographic experiments recently but they were just a bit too complicated for a 5 year old to be able to contribute fully. This Chemistry Mystery set has over 50 experiments available and is geared to kids 5+, so I thought it would be perfect for him and a fun way for us to do some projects one-on-one.

National Geographic Animals Book

It wouldn’t be a birthday without a book as a gift! A has been super into animals lately and LOVES the National Geographic kids magazines. So I thought this compilation of several of the Nat Geo early reader animal books would be perfect for him. It even includes sea turtles, which he got to swim with on his birthday last year! He’s also been working hard at practicing his reading, so this will be a great way to get him sounding out some more words in a really fun and engaging format.

Available on Amazon, Bookshop

Darn Tough T.Rex Socks

I’m trying to really veer toward useful and needed gifts this year that are also fun for my kiddos, and these Darn Tough dinosaur socks were the perfect fit. I’ve been slowly trying to switch most of our socks over to our beloved Darn Tough wool socks because they fit so well, are so comfortable, and last forever (they have a lifetime guarantee and are still made by a small company in Vermont!). But since they’re a bit pricier, I’ve been trying to shift over bit by bit. I loved including a used and already-loved pair in a pattern that A adores!



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